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September 15, 2021

Benefits of Hiring An Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant provides assistance to people to migrate from one country to another for study, work, job, and travel or business purposes. The services and support provided by an immigration consultant under the legal services includes various prospects but not limited. Beyond Immigration is the amongst India’s most trusted and renowned immigration companies. Their expert team of immigrant consultants chiefly supports in areas like- client’s profile approval, second language proficiency test preparations, student visa test clearance, guidance on client’s immigration application and proofread paperwork, and on various domains. On zero consultation charges, they have a 100% visa success, fantastic and long-term customer-relation services across the globe.  An advantage of choosing Beyond Immigration is, they have a well-qualified, certified, and experienced team of immigration consultants. These experts works tirelessly, meticulously, and professionally to guide and support with a human touch. An experienced and communicative consultant plays a significant role while applying for a migration or requires an alternate solution. They are up-to-dated in terms of immigration laws and rules, also, they acquired highly professional skills to document all the paperwork, takes efficient follow-ups about the client’s application and specific detailed requirements, and able to find best solutions through their research skills. Hence, when it comes to accountability and personal privacy, the clients can rely on them. 

There are a few general questions which come to every client’s mind, while hiring an immigration consultant. The elaborative answers as follows:

What services do immigration consultants provide? 

 An immigration consultant assists clients with documentation and acquiring all permits needed to facilitate their move to another country. They are the specialists in terms for relocating clients to a specific region, or to multiple areas. Their purpose is to communicate consistently with the clients and authorities to process the application smoothly as per the related legislation, if requires. The Beyond Immigration with the help of their immigration consultant works globally in every domain such as; study abroad, TechUSA, international internships, hospitality recruitment, permanent residency programs, LMIA, and every immigration requirement that has to be fulfilling with the complete lawful procedure. Being India’s best and renowned immigration consultancy and services, they are a trustworthy and reliable team which has its network and functions around the globe. Among the mentioned domains, major consultancy and guidance are provided by the expert immigration consultants for visas, like- education, spouse, work, teaching, international internships, and other relevant magnitude of assistance with zero consultation charges. That means, if a client is hiring an immigration consultant with Beyond Immigration, the success rate of visas are 100% with an effective guidance and communication. 

What makes a good immigration consultant?

A specialized, expert and experienced immigration consultant can provide perfect assistance and guidance to the clients. On a primary note, Beyond Immigration has a team of best immigration consultants with excellent communication and negotiation skills which requires communicating with the authorities for the visa application. Because of their interactive nature, teamwork, and strong interpersonal skills they collaborate and communicate with the clients and also with relative authorities; a reason for an effective professional and human relation. As India is a vibrant and diverse country, Beyond Immigration also believes to build the same connection with the people/clients based on a variety of cultural, educational, religious, and national/international background. At Beyond Immigration, these immigration consultants are highly-qualified and have knowledge of Canadian Immigration Law as well. Along with the above mentioned qualities, second major requirement that makes him/her a good immigration consultant is proficiency on second language, i.e., English language. It is a universal language to communicate and connect with the other people across the globe; it is necessary for an immigrant consultant to have a professional proficiency in the language. Because, ultimately they are going to be a bridge between you (the client) and relative authority to communicate efficiently and make everyone understand the requirements, terms, and situations according to a client’s profile. 

What is the difference between immigration lawyer and immigration consultant?

 The word ‘differ’ is a Latin word, differe- to set apart; when comes to an immigration consultant at Beyond Immigration they provide an excellent consultancy and services to its clients. Their teamwork, effective communication, full-fledge immigration procedure knowledge, 100% visas successful stories, and with expert guidance or advice stands them apart. These are the testimonials in themselves, hiring an experienced immigration consultant for outstanding performance. An immigration consultant works according to their client’s profile by understanding their requirements to enhance their chances for a successful visa application. Through organizational methods, research-based networking connections and negotiation skills; the immigration consultants produces best results. Their analytical thinking and open-minded approach brings them close to their client’s needs and to channelize it in context with the client’s profile. 

While an immigration lawyer can advocate for a client in front of the Federal Court in case if it requires. However, an immigration consultant works carefully while filing the client’s application. They are aware as how to protect your privacy, that is, they do not share client’s confidential information with anyone.

How do I verify my Canadian immigration consultant?

Before touching this topic/question, it is to be noted that a Canadian immigration consultant is no different than the immigration consultant. If a client only wishes to apply for a Canadian visa, an immigrant consultant can assist and guide accordingly as per the laws and rules of the respective government. Now, we will talk about the ICCRC, a national regulatory body to regulate the permitted services.  There are a few following steps involved to verify a Canadian immigration consultant;

  1. Visit: Website (https://iccrc-crcic.ca/find-a-professional-frame/)
  2. Write the name and surname of the immigration consultant; e.g., John Doe or insert all the details/RCIC number/Company name/Place.
  3. Click on Search
  4. When the result shows up, verify whether the status of the consultant is active or not.

Therefore, one can verify their Canadian immigration consultant’s profile through the above mentioned steps. Wherein, RCIC stands for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant which means a particular immigration consultant is an authorized and citizenship representative; who will be guiding and representing the client to apply for their visa application.  


Hence, there are multitude of benefits of hiring an immigration consultant to have an effective approach while applying for a migration visa, relevant to your interest or requirements or profile. Teams of expert immigration consultants at Beyond Immigration can assist or guide and provide you (a client) multiple solutions to facilitate any complexity in the application procedure. They are well-qualified and possess strong communication & negotiation skills for an efficient approach for you. Consultants are very well acquainted with the laws and rules for a particular country as per your profile. So, there will be a plenty of time for you to concentrate on other necessary things as in, family, studies & jobs meanwhile, these consultants will be assisting you with your immigration visa application.  

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    You’ve masterfully delved into the complex realm of Immigration Consultants in your writing. Your piece brilliantly encapsulates the pivotal role these consultants play in navigating the intricate pathways of immigration. Your insightful exploration of the challenges and opportunities they provide to individuals aspiring to relocate is both informative and thought-provoking.

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