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LMIA Canada

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):

LMIA is the word of this decade of Canadian Immigration and Beyond Immigration is the wordsmith. When was the last time you thought of Immigration to be a vicious process taking a lot of effort and time in addition to abundant money, well we break it for your convenience and help you achieve a well paying job along with a lot more benefits at par with a permanent resident until you become one yourself. LMIA guarantees you a work permit of 2 Years with a proper job profile and an efficient backing of Immigration Lawyers in Canada so that you`re at your A-game on work front and have nothing to worry about your Immigration prospects.

Currently we are serving in Four categories and soon will be adding more to these:

Food Supervisor- Hotel / Restaurant / Service background and experience preferred.

Truck Driver- Heavy License and 2 year driving Experience needed. 

Caretaker- Nursing Background preferred. Degree not mandatory.

Information Technology- Education or work profile or both in IT needed.

For a quick assessment on your LMIA profile, click Here (Link for the form page)


The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an important document if you wish to work in Canada. The LMIA is a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) in Canada where employers have to seek permission before employing temporary jobs to citizens of other countries. No, you don’t have to apply for LMIA. Instead, you have to make sure that your employer has obtained LMIA and provides you with the LMIA number at the time of offering you a job. To put it simply, LMIA is a document that a Canadian employer needs to obtain before he hires workers from foreign countries. 

Here is how you can understand it. Every country would want to give preference to their people for jobs and in case an employer is hiring a foreign worker, he needs to assure the authorities that no Canadian national will be able to complete the job and he needs to hire a foreign worker. So, if you are planning for a job in Canada, you must confirm that your employer has an LMIA. Only then, you will be able to obtain a work permit and will be eligible to work in Canada. 

LMIA Canada Jobs

Employers don’t need to apply for an LMIA for all kinds of jobs. There are some exempted sectors for which the Canadian employer does not require an LMIA. Before applying, your employer will have to go through the exemptions list to confirm whether or not he has to apply for an LMIA. You do not need an LMIA number from the employer if you will be working in Canada as a trader, investor, airline personnel, caregiver, and television and film producer. For all other jobs, you will have to ensure that your employer has obtained an LMIA document.

How To Get Labour Market Impact Assessment

There are different requirements for obtaining LMIA based on the sectors. However, the common application process for all categories involves four steps.

  1. Downloading the latest Labour Market Assessment Application form.
  2. Filling up all the details in the form correctly.
  3. Submitting proof of business legitimacy and recruitment and additional documents along with the application and processing fee.
  4. Sending the package to the nearest Canada Processing Centre.


Employers have to send LMIA applications six months prior to the expected date of starting the job.

LMIA Requirements and Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the LMIA, the employer has to fulfil all requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Following are the compliances that the employers must adhere to:

  1. The job should be a full-time position. It must require a minimum of 30 hours per week of involvement.
  2. Proof that the employer’s business and the job offer is legitimate.
  3. A transition plan is a must for the employees where they would train the Canadian residents for the job to reduce dependency on foreign workers.
  4. The employer has to conduct a minimum of 3 recruitment activities and conduct job advertisements to hire Canadian residents before offering jobs to foreign workers.
  5. Similar wages should be given to the foreign workers as that provided to Canadian residents.
  6. Employers must ensure workplace safety and favourable working conditions.
LMIA Processing Time

The average LMIA processing time in Canada can take up somewhere between 8 weeks to a month. The processing time depends on two factors, the number of applications received by the Economics and Social Department Canada and the type of application your employer has made. For instance, if your application belongs to the global academic stream, it would require 8 days of processing time. In case your application comes under the agricultural stream, the processing time would be 13 days and if your employer is hiring for a seasonal agriculture job, the processing time would be 7 days. 

The Economics and Social Department Canada also allows the employees to expedite their LMIA applications in certain cases such as the prevailing wage for such a position is equivalent or 10% higher than the average wages earned by permanent Canadian residents, or if you are being hired for specific skilled trades and more.

To make sure that the processing goes smoothly, the employer must properly fill the LMIA application form and provide additional documents on time.

For more information on the processing time for specific sectors, you can check out the LMIA official website.

What Are We Providing?

If you are planning to permanently settle in Canada or are looking for temporary work, you will need to check whether the sector in which you wish to work requires an LMIA or not and that your employer has followed all requirements. You can leave this job to us. We help you figure out whether or not your employer needs an LMIA confirmation to hire you for a specific role. This will make sure that you focus only on job applications and cracking the interviews and we will do the rest for you. In case your employer needs an LMIA, we will connect with them to confirm that he has applied for an LMIA or already has one. We will ensure that you can easily apply for a work permit in Canada without any obstructions. To know more about LMIA, you can get in touch with us.