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March 18, 2023

Every province of Canada provides a nominee scheme for candidates who wish to immigrate to a particular location/province/state in Canada. Quebec and Nunavut are the only regions that do not provide the below-listed nominee programs. 

Canadian Immigration is ranked so high in the satisfactory list due to easy access and friendly programs like these. This provides immigrants, if qualified, a chance to permanently immigrate to Canada as well. Over 80 PNP schemes, right now, are available to people who wish to immigrate to Canada. 

The whole motive of these schemes is to fill job shortages and/or start or grow new businesses in the provinces of Canada. So if you have the right skill set for the job shortage present in that province, you can easily immigrate to the area.

The whole process can be done online through their provincial websites and IRCC’s official website

Let’s discuss the major Provincial Nominee Programs

1. AAIP- Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

AAIP- Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Alberta Province provides 8 different schemes to qualified workers and entrepreneurs who wish to relocate to the said province. Alberta has become a new attractive destination for immigrants due to its highly developed cities like Edmonton and Calgary serving high living standards and job opportunities. A non-refundable application fee of 500 CAD is charged on all applications. 

AAIP for workers

  1. Opportunity Stream: If you have a job offer from an employer in Alberta, you can apply for permanent residency in Alberta through this program. 
  2. Express Entry Stream: When people apply for PR through the express entry system in Canada, the provincial governments can handpick or select some individuals based on their profile and invite them for PR in Alberta province.
  3. Accelerated Tech Pathways: This is similar to the express entry process but is way faster and is only available to people who are already employed in Alberta in a tech field and hold a job offer from an employer in the tech field. 
  4. Rural Renewal System: This is for newcomers who have a job offer or community support from a designated rural community in Alberta. 

AAIP for Enterpreneurs:  

  1. Rural Entrepreneur Stream: For the people who wish to start or purchase an existing business in the rural communities of Alberta.
  2. Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: International students who have graduated from a post-secondary institution can apply through this stream if they wish to start or buy an existing business in Alberta.
  3. Farm Stream: Available to experienced farmers who wish to operate in farms in Alberta.
  4. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: A graduate from a foreign university can also apply for permanent residency in Alberta if they wish to start or purchase an existing business in the province of Alberta.

2. BC PNP- British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

BC PNP- British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

BC or British Columbia is arguably the second most favorite destination to relocate for an immigrant. The province boasts a high standard of living and is situated on the western front of the Great White North. Its economy is majorly focused on forestry and mining boasting incredible weather conditions and beautiful coastal lines. It currently provides 3 streams to immigrants through which they settle in British Columbia permanently

  1. Skills Immigration Stream: This stream is for skilled, semi-skilled, or entry-level workers, health professionals for international graduates, and international postgraduates. Everyone except international postgraduates must have a job offer from an employer based in British Columbia. The job must be a tier 4 or 5 with minimum wage requirements. The entry-level and semi-skilled workers must have tier 2 or 3 language proficiency. There are multiple categories in this stream majorly divided into the above-mentioned qualifications.

The processing fee is 1150 CAD and for review, you need to pay an additional 500 CAD. One can expect an answer in 2-3 months.

2. Express Entry British Columbia: This has similar subdivisions and categories as in the Skilled Immigration Stream but is for the people who have applied through the express entry system. They are given priority in the same.

The minimum requirements are also the same but the person must have a valid profile with the federal express entry system. The processing fee is 1150 CAD

3. Entrepreneur Immigration: This is for immigrants who wish to start a new business in BC or purchase an existing one. It has many three major sub-categories.

The base category is for those who wish to invest funds in the businesses of British Columbia. The regional pilot category is for those who want to establish a new business in regional areas of BC. The Strategic Project category is for international/foreign-owned companies looking to set up operations in BC, Up to five key foreign managerial, professional, or technical staff members can be nominated for permanent residence in the province.

3. MPNP- Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

MPNP- Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba, a province just to the right of Ontario has been gaining a lot of popularity in the immigration sector because of its job opportunities and its recent development. The capital city of Winnipeg has received an influx of immigrants in the past couple of years becoming the 4th most favorite destination for immigrants. It offers 5 streams through which immigrants can apply for permanent residency in Manitoba. 


  1. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream: This stream is for people who have a temporary work permit and are already living in Manitoba. It includes both temporary workers and international graduates from post-secondary Canadian institutions.

Another way of using this stream is through an employer-direct recruitment pathway. Here you are interviewed by a Manitoba representative and employer outside of Canada. You must have an ITA before you apply. 

The application costs are 500 CAD, while the processing can take up to 6 months

2. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream: This also has 2 pathways. 

Express Entry Pathway allows people who have an active express entry profile, have experience in Manitoba’s in-demand occupations list, and have a strong connection to Manitoba to file for PR in Manitoba

Human Capital Pathway is for international skilled workers with experience in Manitoba’s In-demand occupations list

The fee and the processing time are the same as Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

3. Manitoba Business Investor Stream: There are 2 pathways available for people who wish to immigrate to Manitoba and start a business in the said province. 

The farm Investor pathway is for people with relevant farming experience who are wishing to relocate to Manitoba and start a farm there. 

The Entrepreneur pathway allows the province to recruit and nominate foreign business owners to immigrate and set up a business, collaborate with an existing one, or completely purchase an existing business in Manitoba

The fee for the said schemes is 2500 CAD and it takes 6 months to process. 

4. International Education Stream: International students from Manitoba institutions who have experience/specialization in Manitoba’s in-demand occupations are provided a faster route to permanent residency in Manitoba. There are 3 major pathways through which an international student can apply. 

The career employment pathway is for the graduates of Manitoba’s institutions holding a long-term occupation in Manitoba’s in-demand occupation list. 500 CAD is the application fee. 

The graduate internship pathway is for post-graduates or doctorate holders who have completed an internship with Mitacs, a government-partnered organization. It costs up to 500 CAD.  

The international student entrepreneur pathway helps 20 international students from Manitoba’s institutions to become business owners in Manitoba. They must meet a requirement for a business performance agreement before they apply for PR. It costs 2500 CAD.

5. Morden Community-Driven Immigration Initiative: Morden, 120km away from Winnipeg, has labor shortages in any sector and is actively looking for immigrants that can fill these in-demand labor shortages. 

4. NBPNP- New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

NBPNP- New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick is the northeastern province of Canada with a population mix of both English and French speakers. The province has major developing cities and beautiful rural areas. It has 6 streams through which one can apply for PR in NB (New Brunswick).

  1. Express Entry Stream: A person with a valid and active express henry profile and a post-graduation work permit inclusive degree from an NB institution can be considered in this stream. The government handpicks the nominees from the express entry selection system based on candidates’ profiles and requirements in the labor market. This service is not taking applications till further notice (May 2022).
  2. Skilled Workers Stream: A person with a full-time long-term job offer from an NB employer can apply through this stream. 
  3. Business Immigration Stream: Here those applicants are considered who are going to make monetary investments in businesses in the NB. This can be either through setting up a business in NB or actively managing one. 
  4. Strategic Initiative Stream: This scheme is for the french speaking people who have the desired characteristics of a person who can aid in the economy of the province and wish to reside there permanently. 
  5. Critical Worker Pilot: This allows NB employers to recruit foreign employees to tackle labor needs.
  6. Atlantic Immigration Program: NB and 3 more Atlantic Canadian provinces use this scheme to tackle the labor shortages in Atlantic Canada. The candidate can be foreign or can be temporarily residing in the country. 

5. NLPNP- Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

NLPNP- Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada. It was one of the first provinces to launch a PNP program as well, welcoming 1200 people annually. It has 6 dreams through which immigrants can apply for PR in Newfoundland and Labrador

  1. Express Entry Skilled Worker Stream: It is for people who have an active express entry profile and a job offer from an employer based in NL. The application fee is 250 CAD and one can expect to hear back within 25 days.  
  2. Skilled Worker Category: People who are currently in Newfoundland and Labrador with a valid work permit and a job offer from an NL employer can apply through this stream. The application fee for this stream is 250 CAD as well, and the results are out within 25 days. 
  3. International Graduate Category: Recent graduates from Canadian universities who are staying in Canada with a post-graduation work permit holding a job offer from an employer in NL can file through this stream.
  4. International Entrepreneur Category: The only people that can use this stream are the people who have 1 year of experience in owning a business under a temporary work permit and are willing to start, co-manage, or buy a business in the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada. 
  5. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: It is for international graduates of a Newfoundland and Labrador post-secondary institution, who want to establish, co-own or run a business in the province, with a pathway to Canadian permanent residence.

6. NSNP- Nova Scotia Nominee Program

NSNP- Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is another Eastern territory of Canada composed of the main peninsula and around 3000 islands. It has a lot of major cities and cultural sites. The PNP programs of Nova Scotia are free of cost to apply for. There are in total 9 streams that people can use to apply for permanent residency in Canada

  1. Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry: If you have an active express entry profile and 1 year of work experience in Nova Scotia (in the last 3 years), you can be considered eligible by the government for a permanent residency in the province.
  2. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities: In this, your work experience is given the main priority while accessing and analyzing your express entry profile. You must receive a letter of interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) before you apply. 
  3. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians: A candidate with a valid and active Express Entry profile, a letter of interest from NSOI, and a job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia Health Authority or IWK Health Care is required to go through this stream. 
  4. Skilled Worker Stream: A person with a full-time job in Nova Scotia can use this stream after meeting some other requirements depending on the authorities. 
  5. Occupation In-Demand Stream: Immigrants with full-time occupations like Nurses, orderlies, and patient service associates, food and beverage servers, cleaners, etc. with relevant experience are eligible in this stream. 
  6. International Graduates In-Demand Stream: Immigrants with full-time jobs as nurses, Orderlies and patient service associates, early childhood educators and assistants who are recent graduates (last 3 years), and degree holders (30 weeks long) from Nova Scotia institutions are eligible for this stream. 
  7. Entrepreneur Stream: The requirements for this stream can easily separate the real candidates from the rest. One would need a legal personal wealth of at least 600000 CAD and should be ready to make a capital investment of at least 150000 CAD in Nova Scotia. 
  8. International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: Immigrant students who have completed either a full-time diploma or at least a fulltime two year degree from a Nova Scotia university, have owned a business in Nova Scotia for a minimum of one year before submitting the EOI, and have a valid post-graduate work permit are eligible for this stream.
  9. Physician Stream: A practitioner, family physician, or specialist signed and approved by Nova Scotia Health Authority or IWK Health Centre, and a license for practice in Nova Scotia can apply under this stream.

7. OINP- Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

OINP- Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is the most populated province in Canada. It boasts major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, London, etc. which have high standards of living. It is also the most immigration-friendly province of the country welcoming over 8000 people every year. There are 4 streams that one can use to get PR in Ontario.

  1. Human Capital Category: There are 2 parts to this stream. One is linked with the express entry system of Canada while the other is not linked. 

The express entry system has further 3 classes. The first one is Human Capital Priorities, which includes Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The second one is skilled trades, which includes people who have relevant Ontario work experience. And the last one, french speaking skilled workers, their procedure is similar to FSWP and CEC, they also have to be astute in both English and french.

  1. Masters and Ph.D. category: This is part of the human capital category that is not linked with the Express entry system. The applicants then have to create an account after receiving a relevant post-graduate or doctorate from a university based in Ontario. They must then send an expression of interest. 
  2. Employer Job Offer Category: It requires you to have a permanent job offer in Ontario with all the authorizations, licenses, etc. It is also further divided into 3 subcategories.

Foreign worker stream, 1500-2000 CAD is charged per skilled worker that applies through this stream. In-demand skills stream, the job the person has to have a job that is listed in the in-demand list of Ontario. The person must have an experience of 9 months in the same field. In-demand skills stream, for intermediate skilled workers in certain sectors, such as agriculture, construction, trucking, and personal support workers.

The Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot is also a part of this category only, in which like other states, the province tries to address labor shortages in the regional areas of Ontario. 

  1. Business Category: It is for those who wish to start a business or co-manage a business in Ontario Province. They must have 24 out of 60 months of work experience and must have a personal investment of 600000-200000 CAD depending on the location. They must have a third of equity in the business. 

8. PEI PNP- Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

PEI PNP- Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

Prince Edward Island is a small island on the eastern coast of Canada. It is also their smallest province. It is known for its beautiful coasts and serves as a tourism hub for Canada as well. There are 3 nominee programs through which you can get PR in Prince Edward Island. 

  1. PEI PNP Express Entry: If a worker is under FSWP, FSTP, and CEC and has an active express entry profile, they are eligible for this stream. You also need to have a 9-month experience under a PEI employer. 
  2. Labour Impact Category: Here the requirement is the person has to be hired by a PEI employer or must have a job offer from him. It is then subdivided into 3 categories as well. 

The skilled worker category includes all the skilled workers who have a graduate or diploma degree. 

The critical worker stream includes all the workers hired by NEI employers who are ready to sponsor them for PR as well. 

The last is an international graduate stream, in which a person has a job offer or is being hired by an NEI employer doing work in the field of his study via a relevant PEI university/college.

3. Business Impact Category: This stream facilitates the people who want to invest in a PEI business. Their experience in the same business in Canada with a work permit is much required. 

9. SINP- Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

SINP- Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan, much like Canada’s other provinces is gaining popularity every year. More and more immigrants have been settling in the province every year. They welcomed around 15000 immigrants last year. There are 4 options or ways to get yourself immigrated to Saskatchewan

  1. International Skilled Worker Category: There are many sub-heads or different pathways for different types of skilled labor in this category. Like the tech talent pathway, it provides an easy way for PR to very skilled individuals with a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer in tech occupation. Other pathways are employment offers, occupation in demand, and Saskatchewan express entry.

It will cost around 350 CAD and 4-37 weeks in process time. 

2. Saskatchewan Experience Category: This category has many subcategories as well, most of which are self-explanatory but just put into different headers for simplification. A job offer from a Saskatchewan employer is required in all. 

Streams like Skilled Worker With Existing Work Permits, Semi-skilled Agriculture Workers with Existing Work Permits, Health Professionals, Hospitality Sector Projects, Long Haul Truck Driver Projects, and Students. 

No application fee is required and the processing time is just 1-2 weeks. 

3. Entrepreneur and Farm Category: The entrepreneur part of this category includes all the immigrants who are ready to invest in or buy or merge or set up businesses in Saskatchewan. Whereas the Farm category includes immigrant farm workers with relevant farm work experience who wish to set up their farms in the Saskatchewan district. 

It will cost around 2500 CAD for application and 14-15 weeks for processing.

4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: It includes all the graduates from Saskatchewan institutions who are interested in setting up or merging up with an existing business or investing in a business in the Saskatchewan province. 

10. NWNP- Northwest Territories Nominee Program

NWNP- Northwest Territories Nominee Program

Northwest Territories are notoriously known for their extremely cold weather but still offer a great range of job opportunities to immigrant workers. They have two categories to divide workers and businessmen. 

  1. The business stream: It’s for people who wish to start a business in NWT, want to merge with an existing one, or want to buy an existing business in the NWT. You also need to show that your legal net worth is above 500000 CAD if the business is in Yellowknife, or above 250000 CAD if outside Yellowknife. They also need to show that they own a third of the business and actively participate in it. Ultimately, they need to show a minimum investment of 150000-300000 CAD (depending on the business being outside or inside of Yellowknife boundaries). 
  2. Employer-driven Stream: This stream further has 3 parts to regulate and formulate it easily. The first one is the express entry system where the government themselves nominates candidates who have been put in the express entry pool and send them ITAs. 

The other is the Skilled Workers stream where the government nominates a skilled worker who has an offer of employment in a skilled position from a Northwest Territories employer. A minimum of 6 months of experience is required. 

The last one is the Entry-Level/Semi-Skilled occupations where the main motive of the government is to fill the job shortages in entry-level positions. This ensures the worker stays in the province and works in a needed entry-level job for his career. 

3. The Francophone Stream: Qualified foreign nationals who are astute in both English and French languages are welcome to apply in this stream, which provides them with a valid job offer from an NWT employer. It is majorly done to increase the labor pool of bilingual people.

11. YNP- Yukon Nominee Program

YNP- Yukon Nominee Program

YNP has 4 ways for people to apply for PR in the province

  1. Yukon Express Entry: Express entry-eligible candidates (the ones in the FSWP, FSTP, AND CEC) who are currently living and working in Yukon can apply to YEE. The province then can choose and nominate people based on their active express entry profile. The demand and the labor shortage are kept in mind while this picking process is going on. This is done via the LMIA process when no fit individual can be found in the Canadian citizens and PR holders. 
  2. Skilled worker program: Here the employers have the liberty to nominate foreign workers to fill the labor shortages and provide them PR in Yukon. The occupation must be listed in the National Occupation Classification. 
  3. Critical Impact Worker Program: It is an employee-driven program where they can nominate foreign skilled workers coming under the NOC skills C and D to tackle the critical worker shortage in the most in-demand jobs in the province. 
  4. Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP): It helps find individuals who are interested in setting up businesses in the province of Yukon. The immigrant must have prior experience in the same business, along with a minimum of 500000 CAD in legal personal net worth, and a set business plan with at least a third of ownership. 

These are the main PNP programs that the Canadian government and its provinces provide. These programs provide them with adequate labor, sustained communities, and economical growth. While the people settling there now are a part of the Canadian economy. They also get to experience Canadian tax, health, and public benefits while living there permanently.