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Living or studying abroad is a dream come true for people. You get to explore a new country, a different culture and meet people from different backgrounds. It also makes it easier for you to kick-start your global career. You can have opportunities to work with leading international companies or even establish your own business with global recognition.

Even though moving abroad for studies or any other purpose is an exhilarating experience, it can get overwhelming too. There are plenty of things you have to figure out. The first and foremost being the country where you should go. You will have to consider a lot of factors such as the quality of education, work opportunities, cost of living, climate etc.

Help You Choose The Best University

In addition to the UK, US and Canada, other top countries for international studies are

  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands

A lot of people also prefer New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore, Russia, Austria, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Denmark, UAE and other countries. These countries have received the best rankings for education by the U.S. World News and Report.

If you are planning your education abroad in any of the above-mentioned countries or are interested in working or settling abroad, we will assist you throughout the journey.

In case you have already decided the best institution for higher studies, we will help you with your college applications, scholarships, and also offer IELTS coaching, if needed. Once you receive confirmation of acceptance from the institution, we will assist you in sorting out visa requirements, help you plan accommodation and expenses.

Even If you are yet to decide the college or country, our study abroad experts would give you the best advice and help you shortlist countries and colleges and also offer all our other services.

Obtaining Work Visas and Permits

Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, US, China are some of the countries with the best job markets and liberal requirements for work permits. These countries promote global talent and invite people from other countries to work with them. Canada is one such country that easily accepts immigrant applications. If you have a business proposal, you can get a work permit  to start a business in Canada or other countries.

We will help you with sorting out the eligibility criteria, visa applications, help you obtain work permits, guide you to manage your expenses and even arrange for travel and accommodation.

For any queries or guidance related to studying or settling abroad, please get in touch with us!