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Study in Vietnam

Vietnam Overview:

Vietnam is also known as ‘Socialist Republic of Vietnam’ and its capital is Hanoi. Historically, Vietnam has encountered domination of the specific civilization adapting their culture, ideas, institutions, and technology as per their own growth. They have the most rapidly expanding economy in the world with a growing population. The country has a blend of modern cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and cultural envision. It is among the 3rd largest oil producer in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese have placed an importance on education through ‘Three Teachings’ of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism for holistic development of a child and social being. 

Why study in Vietnam?

The tertiary education system in Vietnam has been embarked on a major transformation which leads the system to a knowledge-based economy. There are numerous networking opportunities that are expanding with the growing number of expert faculties. In Vietnam, the literacy rate is high and an emphasis on training in the scientific field, technology, and the introductory of market reforms on economics and business creating diverse global opportunities for the international enthusiast. It comprises a rigorous curriculum and a fruitful competent environment for the international enthusiasts with the English medium courses. 

In the globalization era, Vietnam is boosting its economic and educational growth in fast pacing leading landscape with renowned universities. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, Vietnamese’s 6 universities have been placed in the best global college list. Among them, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Ton Duc Thang University, Duy Tan University, and Phenikaa University. 

Apart from the mentioned high ranked Vietnamese Universities, plenty of wonderful institutions are also available for international students in an affordable feature of the study. They comprise both public and private universities; three kinds of universities like, research-based universities, application-based and experiment-based universities. Some of the universities like—the Can Tho University, Foreign Trade University, University of Da Nang, University of Economics, National Economics University, and Hanoi National University of Education are promoting higher education system in a long run. 

What are the best courses to study in Vietnam for international students?

Many premium universities are establishing their satellite campuses in the leading economy and newest destination of Vietnam to attract more international students. Some of the popular courses such as International Business Management, Software Engineering, Computing, Information & Communication Technology, International Finance, Banking, Logistic and Economic are some of the self-evolving programs. 

An international student can study, stay or travel in Vietnam in an affordable manner. It has a student-friendly environment that makes it a dream destination for international students. 

Vietnamese culture is enriched with an ambiguity of cultural, traditional, and modern persona of the ethnic groups of the individuals. 

Study cost in Vietnam for the international students:

An effective cost of studying abroad in Vietnam can be estimated through the location of the universities, course (s), accommodation, travelling, and other relevant expenses. The tuition fees for an undergraduate international aspirant can cost between 1,290 USD to 5,000 USD. And for post-graduation courses, it cost around 7,000 USD per year, depending on the type of degree and university. 

There are plenty of off-campus options are available for international enthusiasts like—rental apartments, student residences, guesthouses, homestays, and many more. 

A variety of local transportation facilities are also feasible for the international students in Vietnam such as buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis/motorbikes, and many more. Wherein, buses fares can cost around VND 5,000 or 10,000. On-campus accommodation can cost from 1,200 USD to 1,600 USD and may vary from one institution to another. 

Vietnam student visa requirement and eligibility criteria:

For an international enthusiast who is seeking a global opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam for affordable education. An Indian or international aspirant must have a valid reason or motive to visit Vietnam and gather all the relevant information from Vietnam Embassy/Consulate. 

One can obtain a student visa to study in Vietnam by enrolling in a registered university in Vietnam. The visa application depends on the types of application and under different categories with single or multiple entries for 3-months. International students can expand the validity of their student visa and also change the category of the visa if they have earlier applied for a tourist visa. 

The following documents are required to apply for a Vietnam visa. 

  • A passport size photograph
  • A cover letter with detailed mentioning of the purpose of visit
  • A valid detail of the accommodation with the contact details
  • A bank statement of the previous 3-months
  • A valid return air ticket
  • A valid proof of sufficient financial funds

English language proficiency test:

To study abroad in Vietnam an international must have completed or submitted the English language proficiency test scores while applying for an educational institution. Therefore, Vietnam is the most affordable with the best education system for international enthusiasts across the globe. It has abundant forms of flora and fauna with coastal beauty with ancient culture and modern reformations. For the international talents, it will be a good achievement to excel in their career stream with the leading economy of the century. The country allows students to grow and build a global network by adding a pool of theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of internship and scholarship opportunities. There are renowned multinationals who are recruiting international students and budding leaders to enhance and evolve according to the industry.