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Study in Finland


Finland is a country located in the Northern part of Europe. A peninsula and Baltic Sea’s surrounding is Helsinki. Finland is known as a deeply forested country of Europe. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report has rated Finland as one of the most innovative countries in the field of higher education and training programs. Finland offers more than 400-degree programs to students in English. Many universities in Finland do not charge any application fees. Finland also offers scholarships and tuition exemptions for international students. Finland has more practice-oriented programs and fewer research-based programs.

Why study in Finland?

Finland universities are chosen by more than 3,00,000 students of which 20,000 are international students. Students belonging to the EU/EEA can study for free in the universities of Finland and do not need any visa requirements. The people of Finland have a decent knowledge of English so it becomes easy for international students to communicate in Finland. The students belonging to any other nation than EU/EEA have to pay tuition fees around 4,000-18,000 EUR/year. The monthly expenses for students cost around 700-900 EUR per month. Finland universities provide great quality in research and education. Finland offers access to libraries and the internet to all the students. The infrastructure of the country is well organized and the students can rely on the services of transportation, accommodation, security, etc.

Finland study visa requirements and eligibility criteria

The following documents are required for the visa application:-

  • The application form filled by the student
  • Certificate of acceptance from the University of Finland
  • Passport or identity card
  • Highest education qualification certificate
  • Higher secondary school certificate
  • The proof of financial support during the studies. At least an amount of 560 EUR is required per month.
  • Proof of paid application of about 350-450 EUR
  • Travel insurance of the applicant

Only a study visa is required if the student plans to study in Finland for 90 days or less.

The student has to apply for a residence permit if he plans to study in Finland for more than 90 days.

The students belonging to the EU are allowed to come and study without a visa in Finland. They just require a valid travel document.

Cost of studying in Finland

Finland does not charge any kind of tuition fees for students coming from EU/EE and Switzerland. Finland offers PhD courses free of cost to the citizens of all nations. The students belonging to any other nation than EU/EEA have to pay around 8,000-25,000 EUR/year.

Courses to study in Finland

The top courses offered by the University of Finland include engineering and technology, business and management, computer science and IT, natural sciences and mathematics, education and training.

Money required to study in Denmark

Finland offers great scholarships to international students. Each university has its scholarship programs, the student can apply for the scholarships while applying for the application. The expenses of international students vary based on the location of the university selected by the student, for instance, accommodation and other living costs are higher in Helsinki and other big cities as compared to the other cities. The monthly expenses of a student cost around 700-900 EUR/month.

The students can also use public transport for travelling in the city to lower their expenses.

How to get PR in Finland after studying?

After completing the studies, the student can stay in Finland by applying for a residence permit based on work. The job can be from any other field too. But if the student is not able to get a job after completing his studies, he can apply for an extension of his residence permit to look for work in Finland.

The student will be eligible for applying for a Permanent Residency in Finland after completing a minimum of 4 years of continuous work in Finland.

Work and study in Finland

To support themselves and to gain some experience, students opt to work in the meantime. All the students studying in the university, national or international, are allowed to work part-time while pursuing their graduate and post-graduate degrees. The students are allowed to work for 25 hours per week. During the holidays, there is no such time limit. As soon as the student starts working, he has to pay tax based on his average salary.

Eligibility for Indian students to study in Finland

A language proficiency test will be required for Finland.

The criteria for Indian students to study in Finland is that they require a minimum IELTS 6 and around 79-92 score is required in TOEFL. 

It is prescribed to learn Finnish or Swedish before applying for studies in Finland as this will be extremely helpful for the students. People in Finland speak Finnish and some of the courses are taught in the Finnish or Swedish language only.

But, people all over the world are adapting English, for international students’ language is not a barrier anymore. 

Students applying for Finland Universities have to complete the forms required for the application for a residence permit. Biometrics is also required to be provided at the time of visa application.

The students must prove that they can support themselves financially during their studies in Finland.

How much gap is accepted for study in Finland?

All the students must complete at least twelve years of study (Higher Secondary Certificate).

Students can apply for undergraduate, post-graduate as well as PhD programs in the universities of Finland.

Best place to study in Finland

University of Helsinki

The university is located in the capital city of Helsinki. The University of Helsinki’s world ranking stands at the 102nd position. It is the oldest university in Finland. It offers various degrees in Finnish, Swedish and English. The university offer courses in agriculture, environment, resource economics, art studies, film and television studies, atmospheric sciences, computer science, gender studies, environmental change and global sustainability. 

Aalto university

This university is a model of high-quality education and is a merger of three existing institutions. The university offers many programs in English in the field of business and economics, science and technology, art and design. 

Which career has the most job opportunities in Finland?

Finland offers a large variety of jobs in the field of the service sector. These include employment in commerce, transport, hotel, catering, education, health, social and other services. As well as Finland offers a large number of employments to engineers.

Finland provides high education excellence to international students and is great at setting a global standard. Finland offers a high level of technology, security of living and it is one of the safest countries to live in the world. Finland proved a great atmosphere; it also consists nature as an integral part of life. As the whole world is adapting English, it has become accessible for international students to study in any other country.