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    Why study in Finland?

    Why should we study in Finland? Many Aspirants go through with this question once in a while who’s planning to study abroad. Finland is the attraction of every second individual and that’s why a wide range of candidates prefer to study in Finland. The beauty of Finland is mesmerising, its unique architecture, historic and distinct culture, and fascinating living style attracts the students towards it. Finland is the home of many prestigious universities with multiple degree programs. Finland is a Nordic nation located in the geographical region of Northern Europe, it is also the 8th largest country. Future Prospects and Industries in Finland are very solid. Most of the industries in Finland are engineering and manufacturing, which fosters job perspectives which includes paper product production. In the last few years, Finland has become one of the most successful countries in information and technology systems. The communicational language of Finland is Sweden and Finnish. 

    Finland study visa requirements and eligibility criteria

    Finland has remarkable universities that offer a variety of degree programs. Candidates who want to study in Finland and don’t belong to any EEU or EU countries then they must file a visa. You need to apply for a student visa, which is a short-term temporary visa or you can say a temporary visa only if the tenure of your course is less than 90 days but if the course tenure is more than 90 days then you must have to apply for a PR which means Permanent Residency. Moreover, the Permanent Residency allows you to stay and study in Finland for 1 year and can also renew it once it expires. 

    Eligibility requirements

    • You need to be enrolled at any Finnish University, which means before filing for a visa application you first need to enroll in any study program. 
    • You must be free from any travel restrictions from any Schengen Area
    • You must not have any prior criminal records.
    • You must not portray a danger to Finland’s national interest

    What are the types of Documents required to apply for a visa?

    In order to file a successful visa application, you need to submit these documents:

    • Recent color passport photo
    • Valid passport
    • Acceptance letter from any college or university in Finland
    • You must have to show the sufficient funds in your bank account to pay your tuition fee 
    • International health insurance of a student.
    • Also, you need to show the paid processing fee receipt for the visa 

    Cost of studying in Finland

    The cost of studying in Finland is almost free for the EU, EEA, and Switzerland Students. However, the cost of studying for International students varies as they need to pay the tuition fee as per the university’s requirement. The University of Finland has the cost of their tuition fees according to the different programs. However, the minimum cost of studying in Finland lies between €5,000 – €18,000 excluding the general living expenses. The Aspirants who pay their tuition fees can also apply for different scholarship programs offered by the Universities of Finland. Therefore, you need to make sure that which scholarship is available for you whenever choosing a University.  

    Courses to study in Finland

    Finland assures you to provide an outstanding quality of education. It holds several Universities that provide English-taught courses that will be provided to the locals as well as International candidates, which means coming students don’t need to study the Finnish Language to study in Finland. Moreover, the degree from Finland is highly recognized in the neighboring countries of Europe. 

    There are a variety of popular courses to study in Finland such as Engineering, Nursing, Business, computer science, etc. Depending on the universities and the type of program students opt even those from different countries are eligible for various scholarship opportunities for brilliant students. 

    Because of the outstanding qualities, the Universities of Finland roughly attract 20,000 abroad students among the different universities from all over the world. Reputable Universities also have multiple established documents with the different countries aside from the EU, allowing abroad candidates to visit on an exchange course for 1 or 2 semesters

    There are numerous courses to look forward to in Finland whether it is a bachelor’s or master’s. There are more than enough programs available for international students for bachelor’s, master’s, as well as for Ph.D. courses in Finland. There is a wide range of fields to apply like Management, Engineering, International Business, or IT courses. Finland Universities have everything to look forward to.

    What are the best courses to study in Finland?

    Here is the list of best courses in Finland for international students given below, who want to pursue a course in Finland. There are also short and vocational courses available in Helsinki that numerous students prefer to do. Every program is goal-oriented and research-based, so let’s have a look into it:

    • Study Business and management in Finland
    • Study Law in Finland 
    • Study Natural Sciences in Finland 
    • Study Social Sciences in Finland
    • Study Medicine in Finland
    • Study Engineering in Finland
    • Nursing study in Finland in Finland
    • Study Computer Science & IT. in Finland

    Is it affordable to study in Finland? How much money is required to study in Finland? 

    Finland is famous because of many things, including its cold weather conditions, the home of Santa Claus, and Lapland. People also called it “the land of a thousand lakes.” It is an ingenious country where anyone can enjoy top-notch higher education

    But the question is how much does it cost to study in Finland as an  International Student? Now let’s look at the tuition fees in Finland

    Finland is the monetary heaven of Europe as the public universities don’t ask for tuition fees for the students of Switzerland or EEA/EU countries. It means you can stop focusing on paying academic fees and can utilize your finances for living expenses as well as save some amount for travel charges. 

    So how much expenses needed to study in Finland? How much do we have to pay? Actually, this depends on the type of university you choose as each university has its own set of fee structures, and the tuition fee varies according to the different types of programs available for the students. 

    Below is the table given below that compiles the 10 different types of Finnish university tuition fees for international students. The minimum cost of the program ranges starts from 6,000 euros for 1 year. Moreover, there are 18,000 reputable universities in Helsinki:


    University  Tuition Fee
    Aalto University 12,000 to 15,000 EUR per year
    Åbo Akademi University 10,000 to 12,000 EUR per year
    Arcada University of Applied Sciences 5,000 to 9,000 EUR per year
    The University of Eastern Finland 8,000 to 10,000 EUR per year
    Haaga-Helia UAS 9,500 to 10,500 EUR per year
    Hanken School of Economics 12,500 EUR per year
    The University of Helsinki 13,000 to 18,000 EUR per year
    Helsinki Metropolia UAS  10,000 to 13,000 EUR per year
    University of Oulu 10,000 to 13,000 EUR per year
    University of Turku 8,000 to 12,000 EUR per year

    How to get PR in Finland after studying?

    If you are a student and want to apply for Permanent Residence in Finland after completing your graduation then your visa status must be in the category of “B”. To get a permanent residence, you need to file an “A” category visa. However, you can change the type from “B” to “A”, but the condition is that you must have a permanent job of at least 20 hours per week 

    You might be granted permanent residence if you constantly stayed in Finland for 4 years with a permit of “A” category visa. Moreover, the tenure of 4 years begins:

    • At the time when you entered Finland and stayed there constantly for 4 years.
    • On the first day when you came to Finland with a permanent residence permit as a subsidiary protection or as a refugee.
    • During the first day of your permit as a permanent resident, but only if you applied for it in Finland. 

    Moreover, as per the recently amended law, if you stayed in Finland with a “B” category visa for 4 years, it will be converted to an “A” category visa for 2 more years. Also, living with a “B” category visa for 8 years will correspond to four four-year “A” category visas.

    Work and study in Finland

    If you are not from the EEA/EU country, then you normally need a student residence visa permit in order to study and get a degree from Finland.

    The permit of first student residence for any degree in Finland whether it is a bachelor’s or master’s will be guaranteed to you for the whole tenure of your studies, issue your passport, and will be sustained for the duration entire duration of your studies in Finland.

    However, this permit allows you to work for at least 30 hours per week. But if your job is similar to your degree like thesis work or practical training then 30 hours of law is not applicable. 

    Moreover, if you came to Finland to do research or doctoral studies, then you can apply for a permanent residence permit for scientific research. However, a first residence permit for research could be granted for 2 years.

    Eligibility for Indian students to study in Finland

    Admission requirements may vary from university to university and the program you opt for if you study in Finland. Here is the list given below which provides the basic requirements if you want to study in any of the Finland Universities

    • Acceptance letter from the college or university of Finland
    • Your documents of secondary and senior secondary education
    • Copies of the degree certificates awarded by the university
    • Certificate of the GRE/SAT/GMAT
    • Recorded transcript awarded by the university. 
    • Resume 
    • Essay 
    • Statement of Purpose 
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Bank receipt to prove that you have enough expenses. 
    • Medical certificate in order to prove that you are physically fine.
    • Certificate of English Professience test like IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/Cambridge
    • Also, submit your portfolio, work samples, etc. only in case of some specific programs like architecture and designing.

    Therefore, students must note that there are 2 intake seasons in the universities of Finland, which include Autumn intake (central intake with lots of course options) and then spring intake (extension of Autumn intake or secondary intake). Make sure to arrange all the documents and you must meet all the deadlines in order to save yourself from last-minute hassle. 

    How much gap is accepted for study in Finland?

    There is no such restriction for a study gap in Finland, as it accepts students globally. However, taking a study gap is a drawback for you as it makes you one step down the ladder to your success, it is best if you apply for your abroad studies as soon as possible.

    Best Place to Study in Finland

    Universities of Finland are constantly been ranked as the best universities on a global scale. This has been calculated by comparing the performance and the rating given by the students who are pursuing the degree at the universities of Finland from Europe and from all around the globe. Here is the list of the best global universities in Finland 

    • University of Helsinki
    • Aalto University
    • University of Turku
    • Tampere University
    • University of Oulu
    • University of Eastern Finland
    • University of the Jyvaskyla
    • Lappeenranta University of Technology
    • Abo Akademi University
    • Hanken School of Economics
    Which career has the most job opportunities in Finland?

    The information you provided about popular job sectors and the job search process in Finland is accurate and helpful for individuals looking to work in the country. To further assist those interested in finding a job in Finland, here are some additional tips and insights:

    • Learn the Language: While English is widely spoken, especially in the workplace, knowing some Finnish can be a significant advantage. It can improve your communication with colleagues and enhance your overall experience in the country.
    • Network: Building professional connections is crucial in Finland. Attend industry-specific events, conferences, and job fairs to meet potential employers and colleagues. Additionally, consider joining LinkedIn groups and forums related to your field to connect with professionals in Finland.
    • Use Finnish Job Portals: In addition to Monster and Eurojobs, you can explore Finnish job portals like Indeed.fi, Duunitori.fi, and LinkedIn’s job search feature. Many companies in Finland also post job listings directly on their websites.
    • CV and Cover Letter: Tailor your CV (resume) and cover letter to the Finnish job market. Highlight relevant skills and experiences, and consider including a professional photo on your CV, which is a common practice in Finland. Keep your documents concise and error-free.
    • Work Visas and Permits: Ensure you have the necessary work visa or residence permit if you’re a foreign national. The application process can take some time, so start it early. You may also want to check if your qualifications need to be recognized in Finland.
    • Prepare for Interviews: If you secure an interview, research the company thoroughly and be prepared for competency-based questions. In Finland, punctuality and professionalism during interviews are highly valued.
    • Understanding Finnish Work Culture: Familiarize yourself with the Finnish work culture, which emphasizes equality, honesty, and collaboration. Be prepared for a flat hierarchy and open communication in the workplace.
    • Explore Internships: If you’re struggling to find a job directly, consider applying for internships or traineeships. This can be a good way to gain experience in the Finnish job market and make valuable connections.
    • Government Services: The Finnish government provides various services to assist immigrants in finding jobs, such as integration programs and language courses. Explore these resources to ease your transition into the job market.
    • Be Patient: Job hunting can be a lengthy process in any country. Be patient, persistent, and adaptable. Keep refining your job search strategy based on your experiences.

    Remember that the job market in Finland is competitive, but with the right approach and determination, you can find opportunities that align with your skills and interests. 

    Best Paying Jobs in Finland 2023

    Here is the list of the top 10  best-paying jobs in Finland with an average estimate of salary, which will help you to find the best career for yourself.  

    Jobs Average Salary Annually 
    Doctors/Surgeons  209,000 EUR
    Judges 176,000 EUR   
    Lawyers 142,000 EUR
    Bank Managers 134,000 EUR
    Chief Executive Officers 126,000 EUR
    Chief Financial Officers 117,000 EUR
    Orthodontists 113,000 EUR
    College Professors 100,000 EUR
    Pilots 83,700 EUR
    Marketing Directors 75,400 EUR

    Now the aspirants are very well aware of the popular career prospects in Finland, they might weigh all the research and options of the universities and the job outcomes prior to making a decision.