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March 18, 2023

The Canada Express Entry system is regarded as one of the best immigration systems in the world. And rightly so, the system is one of the most convenient and preferred immigration methods. About 50% of new Canadian PR holders are applicants who qualified from Express Entry System.

There is a very high chance that you might have to use this very system for your own Canadian Permanent Residency application. And that’s with everyone. Many people will take this route due to its simplicity and a high chance of positive results. Hence, we at Beyond Immigration are here to clear the myths that are being circulated around the internet so you can have a better understanding of the Express Entry program.

1. You can only use Express Entry to gain PR in Canada

Well as stated above, Express Entry is the preferred way for many immigrants to apply for PR in Canada but it is certainly not the only program/method through which one can gain and apply for Permanent Residency. 

To be more clear, Canada has so many other programs through which a person can apply for PR in Canada. Other famous programs are as follows

  1. PNP: Provincial Nomination Program or PNP is a program through which Canadian Provinces invite skilled immigrants to Permanently settle in their provinces depending on the necessity of a particular skill or experience in the province. 
  2. Family Sponsorship: As the name suggests, it allows parents, children, spouses, and grandparents of a Canadian PR holder or Citizen to get sponsored for PR in Canada. 
  3. SUV: Start-Up Visa or SUV allows entrepreneurs to start a business in Canada or invest/purchase in a scalable business in Canada.
  4. AIP: Atlantic Immigrant Program or AIP allows foreign skilled workers and international students to permanently settle in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick
  5. QSWP: Quebec Skilled Workers Program or QSWP allows eligible skilled workers to permanently settle in Quebec. 
  6. RNIP: RNIP or Rural and Northern Immigration Program allows eligible skilled workers to permanently settle in rural and northern areas of Canada.

2. Everyone Can Apply for Express Entry

Canada is a fever dream for many third-world countries like India, Pakistan, etc but one thing should be kept in mind, not everyone can apply for the Express Entry system. There are a lot of eligibility requirements to take care of. 

One needs to be eligible for one of the following categories to get themselves into the Express Entry draw.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

3. Language Skills are not important in Express Entry

Well, this is exactly the opposite. One needs to appear for a language proficiency exam before one applies for the Express Entry program. One should appear for at least one of the English or French language proficiency exams and must get at least the minimum qualifying Comprehensive Language Benchmark (CLB) score required for your program (FSWP, FSTP, or CEC). 

Language plays an important role in the express entry program, your qualification will be judged on your language score but it can score you additional CRS points if you have exceptional proficiency in french, english, or even, both. 

4. It is a Lottery system

If it were a lottery system, you would not need eligibility measures. The applicants of the Express Entry, if qualified, are then sent to the next step where they are given a CRS (Compehensive Ranking System) score based on their profile. 

Then a minimum CRS cut-off is released every 2 weeks and based on this, people are invited to apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency in Canada. People having score more than the cut-off are invited based on their ranking. 

It should be noted that not all the people will be invited. If there is a tiebreaker, a first come first serve policy is applied. Hence, it can be concluded that Express Entry is not a lottery system.

5. You cannot update your already submitted profile

All the applicants should be aware that they can update their profiles whenever they want. Even IRCC wants you to submit a profile that is as up-to-date as possible, hence, everything should be updated on time. You won’t be able to make changes to your Express Entry profile if you’ve been found ineligible if your profile is no longer valid, or after you receive an invitation to apply.

6. You cannot improve your CRS score and you can only apply once for express entry

This is also just a myth. You can certainly apply for express entry more than once. In fact, there are many cases in which people receive ITAs in their 2nd-3rd attempts. 

For the CRS point, it should be noted that not only your CRS score can be changed to a more positive score, but can also decrease as if you are above 29, your age factor-related points will go down. CRS score for an individual can increase in many ways. The profile you submitted sits in the account for 1 year so you can keep updating it, hence there are ways through which you can gain additional points and improve your CRS score. Different ways include getting a job offer from a Canadian Employer, a Provincial nomination, and even reappearing for the language proficiency exams. 

7. A job offer is a must for entering your profile for Express entry

This is one of the most common misconceptions. A job offer from a Canadian employer is NOT REQUIRED for sending your profile for Express Entry Draw. That being said, having a job offer will always be beneficial to your profile, you will have more points and a better chance to get a Canadian PR. 

These are the most common myths that people take seriously when talking about Express Entry Program. It is better to consult professionals and get your mind clear with the policies so you can secure Canadian PR. If you have queries related to Express Entry System, feel free to contact Beyond Immigration