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Teach In Usa

Teach in the USA

The greatest country in immigration history is the USA. There is no better than fulfilling the great American dream and that too being a teacher when you get a fully paid job with a pay scale equivalent to your other counterparts and an opportunity to take your dependents along with you, isn’t it?

Yes, a program running since 1960 with popularity amongst thousands of teachers, Teach in the USA is a specialized service where a J1 Visa allows you to be in the U.S. for a maximum of 5 years and helps your spouse seeking a parallel job in the U.S. on a J2 open work Visa type.

Enjoy your stay with subsidized accommodations and a truly US lifestyle with your kids getting an education in the US and you getting all the healthcare benefits.

These rich experiences and an exponential growth possibility in a portfolio that our respectable teachers truly deserve. And, who knows, a possibility of an H-1B is waiting for you around the corner and then a permanent settlement. To exchange knowledge and for cultural benefits, the Teach-in USA program is the most popular one. It is establishing relationships between people of different nationalities. One must be a qualified teacher in your home country to be eligible for a US teacher visa. The J-1 visa teacher program is a category of J-1 visa, which encompasses several cultural and educational exchange programs. Under a teacher visa, foreign teachers can visit the US and teach in an accredited primary or secondary school for up to 3 years. During this program, teachers can expect to sharpen their professional skills and participate in cross-cultural activities within their schools and local communities. 

J-1 Visa Qualifications:

  • Meet the qualifications for teaching at the primary, including pre-kindergarten, or secondary levels in schools in your home country; by working as a teacher in your home country at the time of application; and have at least two years of full-time teaching experience;
  • One should have had at least two years of full-time teaching experience within the past eight years.
  • Above 18 years and possess a bachelor’s degree equivalent to the U.S. education system. 
  • Applicant must have a good moral character and reputation

An applicant must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to take part in their programs. One can find host schools and sponsors to meet all the requirements for the teaching program in the USA. A J-2 dependent sponsorship for spouses or children to join J-1 teachers. Another benefit is cultural and educational activities and networking events in select cities. Participants in U.S. teacher exchange programs play an invaluable role in facilitating cross-cultural learning. As part of the Exchange Visitor Program, they expect international teachers to facilitate at least two opportunities for cross-cultural learning within their home country and the United States. The J-1 Teacher Program creates friendships and connections across borders, as well as opportunities to increase the number of cultural exchanges and school partnerships worldwide. J-1 Teachers enhance American and foreign students’ and host communities’ knowledge of each other’s customs and teaching approaches. They provided health insurance for the participant as a part of the program and as a requirement of the U.S. Government regulations for the program duration. 

Now comes, application process:

  • Applicants should fill an online form on the website.
  • One needs to submit proof of his/her teaching certification in their home country.
  • All the applicants must obtain a valid visa.
  • To process the application, can vary from organization to institution and position one has applied for but, from 10 to 14 weeks, the application can proceed further. 
  • Programs can last up to three years. The State Department may consider an extension beyond maximum time allowed for an additional two years (for a maximum of five years)

Participants gain exposure to American teaching methods while host schools bring a fresh perspective and valuable viewpoints into U.S. classrooms. To become a certified teacher in the USA varies for international teachers from state-by-state. One needs to undergo a Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE) to become a certified teacher.  

Beyond Immigration, making the dreams come alive with their immigration expert consultants globally. Take your teaching career to the next level with the Teach USA program. Teach the USA provides experienced international educators with the opportunity to explore a new educational environment through full-time teaching positions in the United States of America. Our trusted and renowned name in consultation services values the client’s requirements and needs. One can visit the website and contact our experts to get a reasonable amount of guidance and advice for the variety of immigration programs across the globe.