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Study in Malaysia


Malaysia is centred in the Southeast part of Asia. Malaysia is rich in culture and provides gorgeous scenery. The country is a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. Malaysia offers a friendly community to all the students. People from different cultures make Malaysia a very happening place. A variety of festivals and cultures together make Malaysia very unique. English is widely spoken all over Malaysia. English is said to be the second language of Malaysia. For international students, communicating becomes easy inside and outside the campus. The tuition fees and living costs are half as compared to other countries like Australia, the UK, Singapore, and Canada.

Why study in Malaysia?

The colleges of Malaysia have reached great heights as they have made their place in the top 200 universities of the world. A wide variety of scholarships and grants are offered by the universities of Malaysia to international students.

  • Malaysia study visa requirements and eligibility criteria
  • Student visa application form
  • Offer letter from the applied University
  • Academic Documentation
  • Required funds to meet the needs of course and other expenses
  • Health insurance of the student
  • Personal bond
  • Proof of English proficiency

In Malaysia, the study visa cost is around 14,000-27,000 INR.

How much money is required to study in Malaysia?

The public university of Malaysia offers bachelor’s degrees at 2,000-4,500 EUR/year and master’s degrees at 500-4,000 EUR/year.

The private university of Malaysia offers a bachelor’s degree at 1,350-9,300 EUR/year and a master’s degree at 1,500-3,000 EUR/year.

Malaysia’s official currency is Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). As of now, 1 EUR costs around 5 MYR.

The student expenditure monthly costs around 450-800 EUR. The grocery markets and supermarkets offer great discounts. 

When it comes to transportation in Malaysia, public transport offers very convenient rates to the students.

Malaysia offers a large number of internships to international students. The ministry of education offers study programs at the master’s level with scholarship programs. The student looking to attain the benefits of the scholarships should at least complete Second Class Upper (Honors) or a CGPA of at least 3.0 at an undergraduate degree level. 

The students have to undertake a full-time postgraduate study program. The University of Malaysia accepts IELTS of a minimum of 6.0 or TOEFL with a score of 60.

Courses to study in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers plenty of programs to students opting to study in the universities of Malaysia. The top programs include business management, engineering courses, medicine, mass communication, accounting and finance, hospitality and tourism, art and design.

How to get PR in Malaysia after studying?

The program of approving a permanent residency to the citizens in Malaysia includes a point-based system. The students have to score at least 65 points out of a total of 120 points. The categories of the pointing system include salary, age, work experience, language proficiency, investment, duration of stay in Malaysia. After that, the applicants are eligible to obtain naturalized citizenship if they have completed more than 10 years of residence in Malaysia.

Work and study in Malaysia

If the students want to work along with their education, they are allowed to do this in Malaysia. The requirements only include a valid student pass to work in Malaysia. The students also have to apply for approval for part-time work. International students can opt to work in petrol kiosks, restaurants, mini markets, etc. the students can only work during the period of their holidays and they cannot work more than 20 hours a week. On behalf of the student, the university has to apply for permission to work with a supporting letter. 

After completing the studies, there is no need for the student to apply for a work permit. The employer will apply for the work permit on behalf of the student. 

Eligibility for Indian students to study in Malaysia

The students have to appear for an English language proficiency test such as IELTS with a score of 6 or TOEFL paper-based scoring 550 or TOEFL computer-based scoring 213. 

The students must prove that they can support themselves financially during their studies in Malaysia.

Students applying for the Universities of Malaysia have to complete the forms required for the application for a residence permit. Biometrics is also required to be provided at the time of visa application.

Some universities in Malaysia also allow the students to apply for admission in the universities without IELTS. The students have to prove their proficiency in English.

How much of a gap is accepted for study in Malaysia?

All the students must complete at least twelve years of study (Higher Secondary Certificate).

Students can apply for undergraduate, post-graduate as well as PhD programs in the universities of Malaysia.

Best place to study in Malaysia

University of Malaya

It is one of the oldest universities of Malaysia and is said to have the highest ranking in higher education as compared to all other Malaysian institutions. The University of Malaya largely focuses on research-based programs. It is centred in the capital city of Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur. Mainly the University of Malaya is known for its excellence in the courses of MBA/PGDM.

University Putra

The university Putra focuses largely on the fields of agricultural sciences, medicine, engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and so on. The university is situated in the city of Serdang. Putra University is a leading university largely focusing on research-based programs.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia

The university is rooted in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. The university offers great excellence in the fields of arts and humanities, engineering and technology, and social sciences and management. 

Which career has the most job opportunities in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a hub for international students to attain studies and plenty of job opportunities to pursue their careers. Malaysia offers a huge number of jobs in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, actuarial science, occupational safety and health, graphic and multimedia design, medicine, logistics, and supply chain.

The country has been ranked in the list of most popular destinations for international students in the top 15. Malaysia’s affordable accommodation is the main reason behind its popularity. Malaysia offers a large variety of English-taught programs. For international students, language is not a barrier in the matter of education and employment as the people of the country are well aware of English. Malaysia offers a friendly environment and a great lifestyle to the students. Malaysia is also widely known for tourism and the country offers a safe and peaceful environment to the tourists well as the students.