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South Africa

The Republic of South Africa or South Africa is popular for its multi-ethnic groups, eleven national languages, and unmatched unique wildlife. It is a land of revolutionaries, entrepreneurs, global leaders, Nobel Laurates, excellent writers, and such wonderful personalities. SA offers fantastic higher studies opportunities for enriching the practical exposure to international students. There are prior benefits to study in South Africa, incredible learning options, a variety of in-hand experiences, and metropolitan cities with breathtaking scenic beauty.  

Why study in South Africa

South Africa is a place of renowned universities which have secured the top rank according to the Times Higher Education, 2020. The list includes the University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch University all three of South Africa’s top universities. 

Most importantly, recognized university courses and affordable cost of living in premium education institutes for international students are available.

English is one of the eleven official languages of South Africa and frequently used by the majority of institutions. 

It is a home of incredible flora and fauna, natural landscapes, national parks, and tasty dishes.  

A globally, leading trade and business system with attractive opportunities. 

South Africa study visa requirements & eligibility criteria

Studying abroad, especially, in South Africa requires a study visa that can cost around (South Africa Rand) SA R 1,775 or $107.00. A candidate needs to apply for SA study visa as soon as they will receive an offer letter from their preferred or chosen university. 

The study visa application may take up to 8 weeks to process with the required information. The necessary requirements need to be fulfilled by a candidate that follows:

  • Candidate’s chosen university must be enlisted with the Department of Higher Education.
  • Fill and submit the BI-1738 form with complete details.
  • Submit the required information and documents to the authority with an application fee for the study visa. 
  • A valid passport and two extra passport size colour photographs.
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP) or cover letter that describes the purpose of visiting the country. 
  • A vaccination certificate (if required).
  • Documents showing the arriving and departing the flights, including one’s return ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to study and live in South Africa. 
  • Medical records and Health Insurance policy documents.

Study in South Africa cost

The African education system is the best with accredited universities on an international level in the tertiary education ecosystem. The duration of the higher studies in SA depends on each program and the duration of the courses. All the renowned institutions are boosting and enhancing the potentials of the young international or Indian students with practical exposure. 

It generally takes 3 years of full-time study to complete a bachelor’s degree, and 1 or 2 years to complete a master’s degree. 

The tuition fee may vary from public to private institutions and nationality also. Wherein, for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a public institution one would be paying the double amount as compare to a local student. A local student’s tuition fee for both degrees would be between 1,500—3,850 EUR per program and 720—12,880 EUR per program. 

To cover the monthly living expense for the Indian or international students, one must have between 300 to 750 EUR in SA depending on one’s lifestyle or needs. 

An international student can have a special discount while travelling in SA and can travel in different types of transportation facilities. 

There are universities that provide financial assistance in terms of scholarship schemes. Hence, one can visit their preferred institution’s website to know better opportunities. 

Study in South Africa for Indian students

The Indian students who are seeking wonderful and affordable study programs may opt for South African universities. They are globally recognized for their popular and qualified, teaching and education system. Major renowned universities offer a variety of professional, technical, and many skill-developing courses for students across the globe. 

Another reason or benefit for the Indian students to study in South Africa is a wide range of research-based studies and practical exposure through scholars or industry collaborators. The universities also provide excellent placements to Indian or international students. Though tuition fee for ample number of courses vary from institutions and their respective guidelines, it is relatively low as compare to other countries’ universities. 

All the internationally acclaimed SA universities cater the intellectual, practical, socio-cultural, and emotional needs of the students. With world-class education system and specialized instructional methods facilitate the growth and development of the pupils. An amalgamation of metropolitan lifestyle, cross-cultural environment, multilingual ethnic groups, and multidisciplinary learning atmosphere makes SA unique.

Study and work in South Africa

Study visa for international students in South Africa can open a gateway of working opportunities while studying. A student can work up to 20 hours per week during course terms and full time on university holidays as a part timer. If one wishes to work more than 20 hours per week they can apply for a work visa in SA. 

Benefits of study in South Africa

South Africa is rich in natural and cultural beauty with traditional and modern integrity. This nation is also known as ‘Rainbow Nation, because of its multicultural diversity and 11 official languages. 

Any Indian or international student, seeking stunning part-time jobs/internship opportunities in South Africa while studying can opt it. It is emerging as a growing economy with promising lucrative job opportunities in various sectors. 

As compare to other UK or US universities, South African program fees are much affordable with a world-class education and state-of-art infrastructure. One can afford living, medical facilities, and studying in SA at a nominal cost despite of international education charges. 

According to the South African Department of Home Affairs (SADHA), there are plenty of job opportunities available for students who have completed their studies in SA. It is a globally raising industry in various sectors like—mining, mineral, agriculture, manufacturing, financial and banking services. Thus, it has become the second-largest economy in the African continent.  

Which career has the most job opportunities in South Africa?

In this technically advanced modern world, a global aspirant or enthusiast can opt for a particular career as per their preferences or interest. There are multiple job opportunities are available on an international level. A wide variety of sectors like—agriculture, web designing, multimedia designing, software developer, computer engineer, safety & health, sales consulting, executive manager, and much more open in SA. In 2020, Minister Blade Nzimande launched National list of Occupations in High Demand (OIHD) in South Africa. 

Therefore, to invest study time in an exotic and picturesque place like South Africa, one can expand their horizons with a wide spectrum of high-quality education. Traditional history and modern development are a cultural influences on every international young aspirant. It is a wholesome package of diverse cultural, scenic, and adventurous experiences that one should pick. Beyond Immigration, among India’s leading, trusted and renowned immigration consultation services across the globe. It provides excellent client support and guidance services for migration in more than 40 countries.