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Study in Singapore

Singapore is a city with a multicultural heritage. Three-fourth of the Singaporean population has a predomination of Chinese and more than 6 lacs Malays have been inhabited the Malay Peninsula for millennia. They are the largest ethnic group, and Indians the third. The country has a multi-ethnolinguistic composition and because of this diversity, they contain no more than 4 official languages— English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. 

Why Study in Singapore?

There are prolific benefits to study in Singapore as the country has received many rankings and accolades for its recognized education techniques and ecosystem. It is popular amongst the international potential pupils. Both the city and country has been recognized best rankings as the smartest and safest destination in the world. Therefore, it is a favourite hub for professionals, travellers, and students across the globe. There are certainly noticeable and remarkable points to consider while planning to study in Singapore:

  • Singapore has a striking cross-cultural, ethno-lingua range, and diverse religion practices with a world-class modernity. 
  • It is among the rapidly growing nations in the world.
  • The country also promotes innovation, world-class infrastructure, and high prestigious accredited higher education. 
  • A ‘garden city’ of vibrant and attractive sights, huge-city atmosphere, and tropical climate.
  • Singapore offers an excellent academic education and high-standard studies with repute institutes.
  • All the major universities consists highly competitive environment as, they receives multiple applications throughout the academic calendar.
  • It encourages different pathways in work and life that promotes a progressive education ecosystem with the state-of-art infrastructures. Language is not the barrier as all the major business and administration communication indulges medium of English language. 
  • According to, Times Higher Education (THE) 2021 University Ranking- Best Universities in Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS) has been ranked No. 1 and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), ranked No. 2. Most of the renowned universities have been placed under top 10 Singaporean Universities, 2021. 
  •  Ministry of Education supports and funds 6 major reputed universities and looking forward to grow the numbers in coming time.
  • Singapore is an amalgam of innovation programs, ethnic diversity, and global techno-entrepreneurs with leading multinational giants. Because of this uniqueness, it is famous among budding business enthusiasts. 
  • There are number of scholarship programs are available for all the international students under Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) introduced by Singapore government. One can avail the benefit of the financial aid by signing an agreement while pursuing a full-time course at Singapore. Wherein, a student has to commit to work in Singapore for at least 3-years after graduation. 
  • Because of the popularity of this ‘green city’ many of reputed educational institutes are growing rapidly to set-up their campuses for all the young aspirants. 
  • For high-remunerated and lucrative job opportunities are progressing continuously in the nation with friendly nature. 

Study in Singapore after X:

In this puzzled COVID-19 scenario, fulfilling the dream of higher education is crucial. The young aspirants wonders where and why to pursue their under graduation degree in abroad. To broaden the horizon, one can gain an in-hand practical experience as per the recent global industry trends. After completing 10th grade studies, aspirants can apply in various Bachelor’s degree courses in Singapore with different streams.  All the international and Singaporean educational institutions promote extremely conducive learning approach and a holistic experience through real-life based techniques.  

The duration of undergraduate courses in Singapore universities is 3-years for full-time students. The globally acclaimed universities offer different learning programs with specialized programs and may of renowned institutions offers job- training programs as well. 

Study in Singapore after XII

Singapore is an extension of world-class education system with premium institutes, research-oriented faculty, and state-of-art infrastructure. It is elevating the diversity and vibrancy of multiculturalism within the set-up of renowned universities. International pupils can study in Singapore universities with relatively cheap cost. Those budding entrepreneurs, technical geeks, creative artists, and many such aspirants who have completed their 12th  grade studies; wants to pursue higher education in abroad. 

Singapore economy is booming rapidly and strengthening the position in global market. It is promoting a distinctive mixture of educational services with a cosmopolitan structure, comfortable and safe ambience. As the English language is the primary factor to communicate and study in Singapore. This why, Singapore is an exponent in the Asian educational and economic ecosystem. 

Study in Singapore without IELTS 

Whenever, a candidate applies to attain a student visa or enroll in the foreign university, they have to present their IELTS score with the required documents. It is an English proficiency test recognized globally to scale the level of the second language of the applicant. But one can gain Singapore study visa without giving IELTS or TOEFL test with some conditions. Though it is not mandatory but with certain conditions like:

  • There are 5 universities mainly, who takes-in the students without IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • If a candidate has completed the studies with English language only.
  • An English proficiency certificate or declaration needs to be attached while applying in the five universities. One can gain this certificate or document from their former educational institution.
  • Another condition, the candidate must have completed all the subject or courses in English medium only.
  • Instead, IELTS one can use this certificate. Note, some universities prefers an online interview with the candidate. 

Singapore study visa requirement & eligibility criteria

The students who are seeking higher education in Singapore needs to apply for a study visa or a student pass. In order to gain the same, they need to check their eligibility and required documents. The following points will describe the essential requirements and gist about it;

  • The study visa process is much easy as compare to other foreign countries’ process.
  • Candidate need to enroll themselves in the recognized university and receive an acceptance letter for a full-time course. 
  • Some exceptional cases occur if, one has Immigration Exempted Order (IEO) or have a short-term visit pass gained by a Singapore checkpoint to attend a short course.
  • A passport with minimum 3-months validity.
  • A receipt of paid visa application fee.
  • The acceptance letter issued by Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.
  • Bank statements with proof of enough funds to study in Singapore.
  • Documents of degree, certificate, or diploma completed by the candidate from their previous education institution.
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores required by the university.
  • All the documents showing that the living and tuition expenses with traveling expenses will be bearing by the candidate. 

Study in Singapore cost

The study cost totally depends on the enrolled program and particular university. In general, for undergraduate or postgraduate students may need to pay between SGD $2000 to $12000 on a monthly basis. There are various means from which one can pursue their dream course and stay in Singapore to cover all the necessary expenses. 

How much does it cost to study in Singapore for Indian students?

Singapore is the ‘Global Schoolhouse’ famous for its world-class education system. The government also provides scholarships to the Indian students as per their eligibility. It is rapidly growing economy and transforming the standard of lives of the various people. There are multiple options available to have a cheaper accommodation and transportation costs.  

Study & work in Singapore 

In terms of job, there are high numbers of lucrative job opportunities available in various sectors. Part-time work opportunities are also available for the Indian students. Country welcomes talented brains in the global and evolving industry. Depending on the validity of the study visa, one can get employed for one to three months. Indian students seeking a long-term opportunity in Singapore can apply for a Long-Term Visit pass to stay and work for at least one-year. They need to submit the documents that their studies have been completed from a recognized institution in Singapore. 

How to get PR in Singapore after study?

A student can apply for work permit after completing their studies in Singapore valid at least for 6-months. One would be eligible to apply for Singapore PR visa once they start earning at least SGD $3000 per month. The processing time for a PR in the country takes 73 days. 

Processing time for Singapore after study visa

It takes about 2-4 weeks to process a study visa for Singapore. There is a SOLAR system which tells that the time of processing the visa and relevant information afterwards.