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September 20, 2021

Canada is a dreamscape for many aspirants, job enthusiasts, and those who want to settle in the most desirable landscape. To live together with loved ones, friends, family or relatives is everyone’s wish. If one is eligible- they can sponsor their acquaintance and family member by following some reasonable and necessary guidelines. 

Can a friend sponsor me to Canada?

It will be quite a task if an aspirant is willing to pursue higher studies in Canada. A relative, friend, or a capable family member can write a letter stipulating that they will pay for their tuition fee and living necessities as proof of a study permit. Apart from this, one requires a letter of admission from a Canadian educational institution, financial support proof, and proof; the aspirant will leave after completing their studies. Friends of permanent residents or Canadian citizens may apply for a visitor visa. However, there is no direct sponsorship program for a friend of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident currently available. When; a visa officer or the designated authority will ask for the invitation letter from a friend, an applicant needs to present or send it to the office where they have applied for the visiting visa. Although, one can become a permanent resident or settle in for the long term in Canada, under the family class category. After becoming a permanent resident one can study, live and work in Canada without applying for a visiting visa anymore. Our readers must be wondering about family class category visas or how to sponsor someone to Canada. Likewise, other immigration visas categories, family class sponsorship also have certain eligibility requirements to be fulfilled. The applicant or sponsor should start reviewing the family sponsorship application and relevant requirements. The sponsor should at least meet the following requirements; eighteen years of old or older, have permanent resident proof, or Canadian citizen and minimum necessary income as per the requirement. Now, sponsorship application allows spouses, dependent child, brother or sister, adopted child, and others to be eligible with the appropriate guidelines. Beyond Immigration provides the best assistance and guidance to their clients with zero consultation charges. It is India’s renowned and most trusted consultation service collaborated with more than forty-five countries. 

How much do you need to sponsor someone in Canada?

Once one has met all the requirements for sponsoring someone to live in Canada, how much income will they require for that? Under the family class sponsorship or parents and grandparents program, PGP, one can sponsor their loved ones as per their eligibility. PGP is the cheapest program as Ottawa has reduced the sponsor amount where the sponsor can have to bear it for minimum last year. “Since many sponsors may have been affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the income  requirement for the 2020 tax year has been reduced to the minimum necessary income, instead of the minimum necessary income plus 30 percent,” IRCC. 

How do you become a sponsor in Canada?

The eligible sponsor should be eighteen years old and a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada concerning the applicant. The most significant aspect of the sponsorship application is that sponsor needs to submit proof of their relation to the applicant. For instance, for spouse sponsorship, attach a marriage certificate with the application. Different documents required submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); IMM 5287 application. As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); government processing fees must be submitted along with most visa applications. A processing fee for any of the mentioned sponsorship applications will depend on the number of people, one is sponsoring. 

Canada being a committed nation to reunification and loved ones together; offers various kinds of immigration programs. It provides an opportunity for the sponsors to help their relatives or family members. With reduced processing time, the family sponsorship programs make it easy for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to bring their spouses/relatives/family members. Therefore, through this program, one can live, study and work in Canada and become a permanent resident there. Among, the benefits of this sponsorship program is e.g.; parents residing in Canada on a dependent visa as permanent as permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years and much more. 

September 18, 2021
September 18, 2021

Generally, one must apply for a study permit before enrolling themselves into an accredited university in Canada. An aspirant can apply for a study permit from within Canada. One can work with other important things like- family or arranging the required prospects. An immigration consultant can assist or guide in the procedure for the best option available. International studies with ambition are a critical and complex job that requires continuous communication and up-to-date documents. Every year, over 130,000 international students choose to study at Canadian universities for higher studies. Canada is the most popular location for lucrative job offers and a high-quality education system. It is full of numerous possibilities and, with a vibrant culture, one can grow effectively. According to the upgraded laws, 2021, to facilitate the work permit while studying or post-study, for STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; can attain a work permit without any complexities. All the academic institutions focus on- a major; aspect of international collaborations, research-based studies, scientific publications, and global marketing skills. With the help of these, the aspirants will develop a cross-cultural and skill-oriented interface with the existing ecosystem. 

Is it easy to get a student visa for Canada?

A student visa or permit for Canada involves several procedures to apply to international universities. Note that a student visa does not act as a regular visa, allowing one to enter or travel in the country. Obtaining a student visa can be a challenging job sometimes. Therefore, being a popular and highly-acclaimed destination for the aspirants to pursue their higher studies in an advanced developed country. However, this popularity also portrays the rigidity in the visa process significantly. An aspirant must make sure that their applications with the required documents are appropriate. And there is no chance to get rejected which is an uncommon thing. Although there are some reasons which can be behind the rejection, let us understand these factors:

  • Including of letter of acceptance– LOA, a letter of acceptance is a necessary document that needs to be obtained by an aspirant. Ensure that LOA has been listed- in the designated learning institution list provided by a Canadian host school. Failure to present the LOA or its authenticity/validity is doubtful; the visa application might get rejected. 
  • Financial reasons: As a part of the Canadian visa application process, aspirants should submit a bank certificate/bank statement. These documents are the evidence that one can support themselves while studying in Canada. If an aspirant, unable to pay for their tuition fees, travel expenses, or daily expenses. They can encounter application rejection for a student visa.  
  • Failure to leave the country at the end of your studies: It is a necessary thing to remember for an aspirant while applying for the visa application, is a temporary visa, which comes with an expiration period. In this matter, the authority will check for one’s previous travel history, family tie-ups in Canada, and the country of residence, as well. 
  • Issues with travel or identity documents: Submitting all the appropriate documents, including- a valid passport, a recent passport size photograph of the aspirant, and a proper application form. Also, make sure all the relevant documents are easy to understand and well-arranged. The authority will verify all of them while proceeding with the formalities, checking whether the aspirant is admissible or not. 
  • Academic performance: For a value-based quality education system; Canada, is the most desired destination for aspiring students. With good grades or consistency in the previous academic performance, one can get their student visa verified. As the English language is a mandatory requirement for every aspirant, the scores secured in the IELTS or TOEFL demonstrate the ability to achieve the desired goal. Then, the authority can pass the visa application. But, with a combination of low grades or uneven scores, the visa officer might ask the question on the ability of the aspirant to cope-up with the English taught subjects. 
  • COVID-19 update: Due to the pandemic, some of the VAC- Visa Application Centre might be affected by office dealings. Ensure the guidelines before visiting manually or online for a student visa application. 

How many funds are required for a Canadian student visa?

Canada has a diverse emigrant historical background with thinly-populated metropolitan cities with multiple opportunities to study abroad. Securing a student visa or permit for Canada;the proof of unburdened available funds is required to cover all the learning and living experiences.

One can provide the proof of funding with the mentioned documents as:

  •  A Canadian bank account document; showing the transferred money.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Canadian bank.
  •  Proof of the education loan or student loan from a bank.
  • Bank statements for the past four months.
  • Proof of paid tuition and housing/accommodation documents. 
  • A letter of scholarship from the school/college one has applied at;

Tuition fees can vary from institution to institution and study programs. 

How can I get Canada student visa fast?

An aspirant can get the student visa as fast as possible, depending on the Student Direct Stream where an aspirant belongs. Although, some applications might take time to process further. To receive faster proceedings: an aspirant should provide the biometrics and provide all the required documents or fulfill the eligibility requirements.

What are the requirements for a student visa in Canada?

Most of the aspirants are always curious about the eligibility requirement to study in Canada. The criteria to qualify the application process are:

  • Education qualification- Graduation from UGC or AICTE recognized university with a 50% score.
  • However, consistency in the studies makes an exceptional case for the aspirants with or without any year back(s). Likewise; 
  • A graduation degree has to be complete- within the stipulated time without any year back.
  • The aspirant must have completed their studies or professional course not more than ten backlogs at the time of graduation. 

 In the general prospect of a student visa for Canada, the basic requirements are: valid passport, attested copies of Xth, XIIth, and Degree certificates, two academic references, two employer references, Statement of Purpose (SOP), extracurricular activities certificates, acceptance letter from the applied education institution, proof of payment, passport size photographs, study permit and visa, TOEFL & IELTS certificate, English proficiency, proof of financial aids/funds, and any additional required document from the applied institution should be included or produced during visa application. 

Hence, the stage of a student visa application for Canada is crucial and critical. One should carefully go through with every requirement for the same. The aspirant must need to collect and organize all the proofs and documents accordingly. With the above-mentioned elaborative answers, Beyond Immigration tried to solve the general curious questions of the aspirants. To facilitate the process for every young and growing aspirant, we thrive to maintain the possibilities across the globe. 

September 15, 2021

An immigration consultant provides assistance to people to migrate from one country to another for study, work, job, and travel or business purposes. The services and support provided by an immigration consultant under the legal services includes various prospects but not limited. Beyond Immigration is the amongst India’s most trusted and renowned immigration companies. Their expert team of immigrant consultants chiefly supports in areas like- client’s profile approval, second language proficiency test preparations, student visa test clearance, guidance on client’s immigration application and proofread paperwork, and on various domains. On zero consultation charges, they have a 100% visa success, fantastic and long-term customer-relation services across the globe.  An advantage of choosing Beyond Immigration is, they have a well-qualified, certified, and experienced team of immigration consultants. These experts works tirelessly, meticulously, and professionally to guide and support with a human touch. An experienced and communicative consultant plays a significant role while applying for a migration or requires an alternate solution. They are up-to-dated in terms of immigration laws and rules, also, they acquired highly professional skills to document all the paperwork, takes efficient follow-ups about the client’s application and specific detailed requirements, and able to find best solutions through their research skills. Hence, when it comes to accountability and personal privacy, the clients can rely on them. 

There are a few general questions which come to every client’s mind, while hiring an immigration consultant. The elaborative answers as follows:

What services do immigration consultants provide? 

 An immigration consultant assists clients with documentation and acquiring all permits needed to facilitate their move to another country. They are the specialists in terms for relocating clients to a specific region, or to multiple areas. Their purpose is to communicate consistently with the clients and authorities to process the application smoothly as per the related legislation, if requires. The Beyond Immigration with the help of their immigration consultant works globally in every domain such as; study abroad, TechUSA, international internships, hospitality recruitment, permanent residency programs, LMIA, and every immigration requirement that has to be fulfilling with the complete lawful procedure. Being India’s best and renowned immigration consultancy and services, they are a trustworthy and reliable team which has its network and functions around the globe. Among the mentioned domains, major consultancy and guidance are provided by the expert immigration consultants for visas, like- education, spouse, work, teaching, international internships, and other relevant magnitude of assistance with zero consultation charges. That means, if a client is hiring an immigration consultant with Beyond Immigration, the success rate of visas are 100% with an effective guidance and communication. 

What makes a good immigration consultant?

A specialized, expert and experienced immigration consultant can provide perfect assistance and guidance to the clients. On a primary note, Beyond Immigration has a team of best immigration consultants with excellent communication and negotiation skills which requires communicating with the authorities for the visa application. Because of their interactive nature, teamwork, and strong interpersonal skills they collaborate and communicate with the clients and also with relative authorities; a reason for an effective professional and human relation. As India is a vibrant and diverse country, Beyond Immigration also believes to build the same connection with the people/clients based on a variety of cultural, educational, religious, and national/international background. At Beyond Immigration, these immigration consultants are highly-qualified and have knowledge of Canadian Immigration Law as well. Along with the above mentioned qualities, second major requirement that makes him/her a good immigration consultant is proficiency on second language, i.e., English language. It is a universal language to communicate and connect with the other people across the globe; it is necessary for an immigrant consultant to have a professional proficiency in the language. Because, ultimately they are going to be a bridge between you (the client) and relative authority to communicate efficiently and make everyone understand the requirements, terms, and situations according to a client’s profile. 

What is the difference between immigration lawyer and immigration consultant?

 The word ‘differ’ is a Latin word, differe- to set apart; when comes to an immigration consultant at Beyond Immigration they provide an excellent consultancy and services to its clients. Their teamwork, effective communication, full-fledge immigration procedure knowledge, 100% visas successful stories, and with expert guidance or advice stands them apart. These are the testimonials in themselves, hiring an experienced immigration consultant for outstanding performance. An immigration consultant works according to their client’s profile by understanding their requirements to enhance their chances for a successful visa application. Through organizational methods, research-based networking connections and negotiation skills; the immigration consultants produces best results. Their analytical thinking and open-minded approach brings them close to their client’s needs and to channelize it in context with the client’s profile. 

While an immigration lawyer can advocate for a client in front of the Federal Court in case if it requires. However, an immigration consultant works carefully while filing the client’s application. They are aware as how to protect your privacy, that is, they do not share client’s confidential information with anyone.

How do I verify my Canadian immigration consultant?

Before touching this topic/question, it is to be noted that a Canadian immigration consultant is no different than the immigration consultant. If a client only wishes to apply for a Canadian visa, an immigrant consultant can assist and guide accordingly as per the laws and rules of the respective government. Now, we will talk about the ICCRC, a national regulatory body to regulate the permitted services.  There are a few following steps involved to verify a Canadian immigration consultant;

  1. Visit: Website (https://iccrc-crcic.ca/find-a-professional-frame/)
  2. Write the name and surname of the immigration consultant; e.g., John Doe or insert all the details/RCIC number/Company name/Place.
  3. Click on Search
  4. When the result shows up, verify whether the status of the consultant is active or not.

Therefore, one can verify their Canadian immigration consultant’s profile through the above mentioned steps. Wherein, RCIC stands for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant which means a particular immigration consultant is an authorized and citizenship representative; who will be guiding and representing the client to apply for their visa application.  


Hence, there are multitude of benefits of hiring an immigration consultant to have an effective approach while applying for a migration visa, relevant to your interest or requirements or profile. Teams of expert immigration consultants at Beyond Immigration can assist or guide and provide you (a client) multiple solutions to facilitate any complexity in the application procedure. They are well-qualified and possess strong communication & negotiation skills for an efficient approach for you. Consultants are very well acquainted with the laws and rules for a particular country as per your profile. So, there will be a plenty of time for you to concentrate on other necessary things as in, family, studies & jobs meanwhile, these consultants will be assisting you with your immigration visa application.  

August 13, 2020

Studying abroad can cost you INR 20-30 lakhs per year. It majorly depends on the country and the course you decide to pursue. The cost of education in the USA for Indian students is 15-40 lakhs per year whereas in the UK, your tuition fees would be between 15-20 lakhs. Tuition fees of universities in Australia and Singapore are less than the USA and UK. Cost of education in Australia is 10-18 lakhs and the in Singapore is 7-15 lakhs.

One of the best ways to fund your foreign education is to apply for scholarships. If you do not receive a scholarship, or if it does not cover your entire education expenses, you can take an educational loan from banks for foreign education.


Here is a list of documents that you need to apply for an educational loan from a bank.

  • Duly Filled Application Form: This is the most important document for educational loans. You can visit a bank where they will provide you with an application form for an educational loan. A lot of banks also allow the customers to download the application form from their website.

Ensure that you fill all the details correctly in the application form.

  • ID Proof- Just like other bank loans, you need to submit a photocopy of your ID proof for educational loans. You can either submit your passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License or Voter’s ID card. However, if you are below 18 years, you can submit your Aadhar card as proof and your guardian or co-applicant will have to submit their PAN Card or driving license.
  • Residence Proof- For residence proof, you can submit a photocopy of either a passport, voter’s ID, Aadhar Card, or driving license.
  • Academic Transcripts- Another crucial document to be submitted along with the educational loan application is your academic certificates. You need to submit a copy of your senior secondary marksheet or certificate. If you have applied for a master’s degree in a foreign country, you will also need your graduation marksheet or certificate.

Moreover, you can also submit any other specialization or diploma certificate.

Since you are seeking a loan for studying abroad, you will also have to submit the marksheet of your IELTS/TOEFL tests and other entrance exams such as GMAT, CET and more.

  • Acceptance Letter From the University- While applying for a foreign educational loan, it is compulsory to submit a photocopy of the acceptance letter from the foreign university. It serves as proof that you have received admission abroad.

The acceptance letter should be written on the official letterhead of the University and should also bear the university’s address.

  • Bank Account Statements- At the time of applying for an educational loan, the banks also ask the parents, guardians or any other person who is the co-applicant to show his bank statements for the last 6-8 months. The statements shall be of the bank account in which your co-applicant receives salary every month.

  • Proof of Income- Documents serving as income proof are crucial at the time of applying for a foreign education loan. It shows that you have the capacity to repay the loan amount to the bank. Following documents can be submitted as income proof by your co-applicant.
  1. Salary slips of the last 3 months.
  2. Income tax certificates and returns of the previous 2 years.
  3. Self-employed people can submit income tax certificates of the past 2 years, financial statements verified by a CA.
  4. Any other document as proof of income.

  • Documents for Security or Collateral- At the time of taking a loan, you need to submit a security deposit or collateral with the bank. Since, foreign education is expensive, you might have to mortgage an immovable property. You can submit any of the following documents as collateral for your educational loan.
  1. Title Deed of Sale Deed of the property.
  2. Original registration certificate of the property.
  3. An allotment letter approved by the local authority.
  4. Property tax and maintru bills receipts.
  5. Any other document as may be required.

The requirements may vary as per the banks. You might be asked to submit a few additional documents. All the above-mentioned documents except for collateral deeds shall be submitted as photocopies and must be self-attested.

If you need any guidance on foreign educational loans or scholarship applications, please get in touch with us.

August 13, 2020

Study Abroad: Tips to enhance your college applications

The entire process of shortlisting foreign universities, selecting a course, and sending college applications can be too complicated and time-consuming, especially if you do not have support and right guidance. It also requires a lot of patience to draft the best Statement of Purpose and essays for college applications. However, you need to give it your best shot.

Here are a few useful tips to enhance your college applications:

  •  Create An Outline- The toughest part of college applications is to write the first line. It puts us under a lot of pressure. Therefore, the first step to writing your college application is to draft an outline of the essay. It helps to build the flow and ensures that you do not deviate from the topic. Even if you think that you cannot start with the introduction, leave it for later. You can begin with the rest of the essay and come back later to write a compelling introduction. Creating an outline gives a proper structure to the essay.

  • Research- This is one of the most crucial yet underrated tips for writing college applications. For essays, you must do a lot of research and come up with fresh ideas. Read as much as you can about the topic and include relevant information in the essay.

  • Add Personal Touch To The SOP and Essay- There is no universal guide to writing the best essays or SOP since each person has a different writing style. This is why it is essential that your essay should resemble your thought process, opinions, values, and personality. Essays and SOPs allow the admission officers to get a glimpse of your personality, background and goals. You should not paraphrase or take ideas from somebody else’s essay and rather add your personal touch. It allows the reader to connect and relate with your writing and leaves a positive impression. The SOP should talk clearly about your journey, your ambitions, the reason behind applying to that college, what are your best attributes, your previous experiences, and more.

  • Get in Touch With the Alumni- The best way to write splendid college applications is to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid repeating them. You can connect with the college alumni on social media and request them for a few suggestions on how to write your college application. You can learn a lot from the experiences of your alumni.

  • Ask Someone Else To Review Your Application- This is the best way to ensure that your college application is up to the mark. After reading your draft several times, you might not be able to spot common errors in your application. It is why you should ask a friend or a mentor to review your application from a fresh perspective. This also helps to point out minute errors and ensures that your application meets the college standards.

  • Grammar Check- Correct grammar and syntax is crucial while sending foreign college applications. You should leave no room for errors in your application.nOnce you are done writing your SOP, essay or any other assessment, make sure to run your text through a grammar check. You can download several tools for free grammar and plagiarism checks. Even after using a grammar tool, you should go through the application numerous times and ensure that there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Edit the content as much as possible and make sure that every word is meaningful. Also, you should avoid using heavy jargon or using vague words. It is best to write in a clear and crisp language without beating around the bush.
  1. Seek Professional Help- In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you can also seek professional help for drafting SOPs and essays. It is best to consult experts to review your draft SOP and suggest changes. They can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, guide you to introspect your journey and write impactful SOP and essays that increase your chances of foreign education. 

Lastly, remember to stay calm while writing college applications. In case you are apprehensive about sending your SOPs, essays or personal statements drafts, we can help you. Our study abroad experts will meticulously draft the essays and SOP as per your requirements.

August 13, 2020

Things You Should Know Before Planning To Study Abroad

Studying abroad will be one of your most memorable life experiences. However, it requires a lot of planning and preparation. Have you already started preparing a checklist? Here are a few things that you must know before moving to a foreign country.

  • When to Apply For a Student Visa- Once the university accepts your application and sends you a confirmation letter, you get 3-4 months time to apply for a student visa. The Student Visa is valid for your course duration only. If you want to stay back in a foreign country after your education is completed, you will need a work visa. 

To apply for a student visa, you will have to send an application to the nearest embassy or consulate of that country and fulfill all the requirements. Usually, you need to submit the following documents along with your visa application:

  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • ID proof
  • Proof of English Language proficiency. For this you can submit your IELTS/TOEFL result.
  • Acceptance letter from the foreign university.
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds.


  • Cultural Gap- Since there is an obvious cultural gap between India and foreign countries, it can take some time for you to adapt to the surroundings and the culture abroad. You might feel out of place at times. However, the good part is that you will get a chance to meet new people, explore a new place, the festivals and traditions, learn new languages, and build a global career. Before you go abroad, you can join groups on social media of international students or those who are going to study abroad. You can connect with them to know more about the country and the university.

Also, make sure that you research about the climate and weather conditions in the foreign country so that you can carry clothes accordingly.

  • Expenditure- Foreign education is quite expensive. Even if you get a scholarship or your tuition fee amount is less, accomodation and travel can cost you a lot. You might also have to incur some unforeseen expenses in case of an emergency. In such cases, it might get difficult for you to arrange money as foreign remittances may take some time. Therefore, before you move abroad, it is best to prepare a budget for all your monthly expenses and keep some amount as your emergency fund. You can find an estimate of your living, food and travel expenses on the university’s website.
  • Health Insurance- In many foreign countries, healthcare is free for the citizens. However, for international students, medical insurance is a must. Before your departure from India, you should have the medical insurance paper. On arrival in a foreign country, you might be asked to show your medical insurance document. The insurance will cover all your medical expenses. It ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of money on treatment if you are ill or you meet with an accident during your stay abroad. You can choose amongst various insurance policies depending on your requirements. Here are a few things that you should look for while choosing a study abroad health plan.
  • Accident or sickness coverage. It can also include accidental death and suicide.
  • Cover for dental surgeries.
  • Insurance against loss of items such as passport, laptop, visa, and other items.
  • The health plan can also include expenses for evacuation from abroad in case of emergencies.


  • Part-time Work- One of the best advantages of studying abroad is that you can work part-time. Foreign universities allow international students to take up work for a limited number of hours per week along with managing their studies. This helps the students to cover their expenses and also makes them independent. However, you need to ensure that the work does not hamper your studies.


  • Necessary Documents- Before you start sending college applications, you must appear for English Language Proficiency tests such as IELTS/TOEFL or any other language exam as required.

The most important thing to do while going to study abroad is to carry a folder with all your necessary documents in it. It will include your passport, visa, university acceptance letter, student ID, and health insurance proof. Make sure that you keep all your documents handy and are able to show it to the authorities when required.

  • Scholarships- There are plenty of scholarships available for Indian students who wish to pursue abroad. Some of the most famous ones are Tata Trust Grant for College, Orange Tulip Scholarship, JN Tata Endowment Scholarships, Manmohan Singh Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Cambridge Scholarships and a lot more. Foreign universities also offer scholarships, grants and awards to international students. You should always send your scholarship applications in advance.


  • Accommodation and Food- One of the best things about studying abroad is that you get to experience the luxurious lifestyle. Even though accommodation is expensive for students in foreign countries, you can choose it as per your requirements. There are three common types of residential arrangements in foreign countries- on-campus, off-campus, and accommodation with a local family.

You can seek sharing or single accommodation on the university campus. However, if the residential facilities are not available on-campus, you can connect with the International Admissions Office to receive details of residential flats or apartments close to the university. Else, you can also stay with a local family. Usually, housing facilities include bed, chair, wardrobe, private or shared washrooms, dining area, common room, gym, and private or shared kitchen. The cost of food is most likely included in the housing rent.

  • Bank Account- When you move abroad, you will have to open a bank account in that state to receive remittances from your family or relatives, and to also make direct bank account transactions. You also need a credit card to maintain the credit score in the foreign country. If you want to open a bank account, you can get in touch with the International Admissions Office in your university, and they will guide you through the entire process. Majority of the times, you will be required to submit the following documents to open a bank account in a foreign country: 
  • ID proof
  • Address Proof
  • Photocopies of Passport and Visa.

If you are ready to begin the next chapter of your life and want support or guidance at any step, please connect with us!