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Study in Ireland

Why study in Ireland:

The Republic of Ireland; is popular among Indian students for its extraordinary teaching and education style. It is also known as the “Land of Saints and scholars” because they strongly value education. To create a sustainable and balanced economy, the Ireland government emphasizing boosting the research and development field. Ireland’s vast and vibrant culture makes it the most desirable destination to pursue higher studies. 

Benefits of studying in Ireland:

  • High chances of employability globally.
  • Extensive research-oriented and innovative courses.
  • Safe and friendly atmosphere.
  • Independent colleges provide cheaper tuition fees courses. 
  • Part-time jobs and excellent internship opportunities are available. 
  • Coastal beauty, beautiful mountains, ancient culture, and magnificent architecture for a travel escape. 
  • According to OECD 2019, Irish youngsters have been placed fourth highest standard of education gainer worldwide. 
  • The cosmopolitan city center has all the amenities of a European capital city, Dublin. 

Ireland study visa requirements & eligibility criteria: 

There are various types of Irish visas available; based on different categories like– business, employment, study, joint-family, and much more. Irish Naturalization & Immigration Services (INIS), an official website for visa application and relative information. All the visa applications arrive at the Dublin office to process accordingly. The INIS also provides different schemes and programs to international students. It consists of a separate webpage with an updated processing application every Tuesday. 

The required documents to apply for an Ireland study visa are as follows— 

  1. Passport size photographs and biometrics information.
  2. Letter of acceptance from an enrolled college or university for a full-time course.
  3. Proof of financial support or funds to meet the study requirements.
  4. A Statement of Purpose with an explanation of gaps between the academic years till the application. 
  5. IELTS/TOEFL scores for English proficiency proof.
  6. A passport is valid for at least 12-months.
  7. A medical insurance with at least of 25,000 Euros cover. 
  8. Proof that the sponsor of an applicant has enough funds to bear tuition fee costs. 
  9. Scholarship proof (if availed). 
  10. Proof of academic documentation with the required certificate copies. 

Study in Ireland cost

The tuition fees cost may vary between the enrolled course/program and the institution. The Indian students can expect to pay around 9,000 Euros per year as a minimum, with some courses could cost up to 37,000 Euros per year. 

The staying-in costs can also depend on the expenses from daily requirements, travelling, rent, and so on. It can estimate from 7,000 Euros to 12,000 Euros per year.

The student will have to pay around 2,500 Euros per year for student services as well.

Study in Ireland scholarships:

Ireland universities, government, and private institutions provide financial assistance and support to international students with their programs and, some of them are:

  • The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship
  • The Walsh Fellowship
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2020
  • FDC Group Scholarships for EU Students at University College Cork in Ireland, 2020
  • Global Business Program funding for Non-EU Students at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Study in Ireland without IELTS:

  • English language proficiency is necessary for international or Indian students to study in Ireland. 
  • The Ireland universities offer second language courses for foreign students who have not submitted their IELTS scores. 
  • One can opt for English language teaching organizations (ELTOS) recognized by the Department of Education and Skills. 
  • TOEFL is another option to scale one’s language proficiency to study in Ireland. 
  • The institutions consider those pupils who have completed their former education in English medium or from an English language speaking institution. 
  • INIS accepts an IELTS score of 5 bands, and other universities take 6.5 generally.
Study in Ireland requirements: 

Studying in Ireland requires eligibility as per the courses an applicant is applying into. The courses are highly popular and competitive as per the recent trends. The entry for the international students is determined individually by the respective universities. A global education experience can be attained by mapping one’s qualification as per their chosen institution’s criteria and English language proficiency.

How much study gap is acceptable in Ireland:

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) needs to be attached with a brief explanation of the study gap. The reasons must be aligned and in an appropriate format.   

Best courses to study in Ireland:

There are plenty of skill-based courses offering by Ireland universities for Indian students. The courses provide practical experience and specialization with recent industry trends. Some of the courses like– Business Analytics, Investment Banking and Finance, Data Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, Digital Marketing Construction, and many more.

Hence, studying in Ireland to excel in one’s career and explore practical skills is the best choice. One can opt from a pool of specialized courses. Beyond Immigration, facilitating the clients globally with a diverse and strong network to provide a better migration assistance and guidance. Our well-experienced and excellent team of immigration consultants works persistently to provide the best quality across the globe.