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Study in Netherlands


The Netherlands is a country centred in the northwestern part of Europe. It is a country known for its flat landscapes, tulip fields, windmills, and astonishing cycling routes. The students are offered a wide variety of courses by the University of Netherlands. The Netherlands provides an immense range of courses in English to international students. The Netherlands is home to 16% international students. The University of Netherlands offers more research-oriented and practice-oriented study programs.

Why study in the Netherlands?

The universities of the Netherlands have great eminence over the whole world. The Netherlands has many highly internationally ranked Universities that ensure good quality education to all the students. The universities of the Netherlands offer low fees in all of the public universities for students belonging to the European Union. The fee is around 2,000 EUR/year. For international students, the fee charged by the universities of the Netherlands is around 6,000-1,500 EUR per year.  

Netherlands study visa requirements and eligibility criteria

Requirements for applying for a study visa in Austria

The documents required for applying study visa are as follows:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • A-level education certificate or high school degree
  • University application form for admission
  • Visa application that costs around 174 EUR
  • Attaching the bank receipt of the payment of tuition fee per semester
  • Travel insurance and health insurance

Proof of financial capability that the student can manage all of his expenses during his study period in the country.

The students belonging to the EU are allowed to come and study without a visa in the Netherlands. A valid travel document is required. 

The students belonging to any other place than the EU have to apply for a work permit as well.

The Netherlands offers two types of work permits:-

  • Employment permit
  • Single permit(combined residence and work permit)

How much money is required to study in the Netherlands?

The universities of the Netherlands offer tuition fees of around 6,000-15,000 EUR/year for bachelor’s programs and around 8,000-20,000 EUR/year for master’s programs. Medicine and business are a bit expensive courses that cost around 30,000 EUR/year. Accommodation costs are cheaper in the Netherlands and some universities also offer campus accommodation. The students are provided with a high-quality education at low tuition fees.

European citizens have great benefits. The students who belong to the EU/EEA and Switzerland have to pay the lower amount as compared to other international students. 

In the Netherlands, international students have average monthly expenses of around 900 EUR. The expenses of international students vary based on the location of the university selected by the student, for instance, accommodation and other living costs are higher in Amsterdam and other big cities as compared to the other cities.

Many supermarkets in the Netherlands offer great discounts that allow the students to get food at reasonable prices.

When it comes to transportation in the Netherlands, public transport offers very convenient rates to the students.

The Netherlands offers a large number of internships to international students. The ministry of education offers study programs at the master’s level with scholarship programs.

Courses to study in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a hub for international students looking to pursue their education in the fields of engineering and tech. The top courses offered by the University of Netherlands include natural sciences, computer science, engineering, social science, marketing, architecture, nursing, business degrees, and so on.

How to get PR in the Netherlands after studying?

The applicant is eligible for a PR after living in the Netherlands for five continuous years. The students after completing their education can apply for an orientation permit before the expiration of their student visa. This allows the student to stay and work in the Netherlands for one more year. The student can attain orientation for three years only. 

Work and study in the Netherlands

The students studying in the Netherlands are allowed to work part-time to support their expenses. The students are allowed to work for 16 hours a week. And they can work full time during the holidays. The students must prove that they can support themselves financially during their studies in the Netherlands. The students can complete their internships and placements as a part of their master’s degree without a work permit.

Eligibility for Indian students to study in the Netherlands

  • A language proficiency test will be required for the Netherlands.
  • The criteria for Indian students to study in the Netherlands are that they require a minimum IELTS 6.5-7.
  • TOEFL scores should be around 100-110.
  • C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency are also acceptable in the universities of the Netherlands.
  • The students must prove that they can support themselves financially during their studies in the Netherlands.
  • Students applying for Netherlands Universities have to complete the forms required for the application for a residence permit. Biometrics is also required to be provided at the time of visa application.

How much gap is accepted for study in Austria

All the students must complete at least twelve years of study (Higher Secondary Certificate).

Students can apply for undergraduate, post-graduate as well as PhD programs in the universities of the Netherlands.

Best place to study in the Netherlands

Utrecht University

Utrecht University is said to be one of the oldest universities of the Netherlands centred in the city of Utrecht. It is more of a research-oriented university. The University of Utrecht offers an extensive range of study programs in English.

Eindhoven University of technology

The University of Eindhoven is centred in the city of Eindhoven. It is a technical university. The university offers an open culture where everyone feels free to exchange ideas and initiatives.

Radboud University

Radboud University is a research-oriented university. It is centred in the city of Nijmegen. The university is known for its intellect and support of the underprivileged.

Which career has the most job opportunities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country that is home to a wide variety of international and multinational companies. The country has a wide variety of job opportunities and requires innovators in creative industries, health care specialists, ICT specialists. Also, professionals and graduates work in tax, interim managers, and the educational sector.

The Netherlands is one of the major destinations of Europe. Therefore, the Netherlands, mainly its capital city Amsterdam, provides a large number of job opportunities in the field of tourism such as resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The Netherlands attracts a large number of international students because of its great and affordable lifestyle. The Netherlands provides a safe and peaceful educational campus to international students and has a wide variety of English-speaking people. As a result, language is no barrier for the students looking to opt for the Netherlands for their further studies. The Netherlands offers a friendly environment and a great lifestyle to the students. The Netherlands is also widely known for tourism and the country offers a safe and peaceful environment to the tourists as well as the students.