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Study in China

Studying abroad could be a mind-boggling thought for the international talented and bright minds. China is among the best study abroad destinations across the globe and is popular for inculcating teaching values with innovative techniques. It is the home of the world’s most exotic flora & fauna species and densely populated country. China is influencing global politics, economy, and education ecosystem rapidly. The Chinese have emerged as distinctive and leading figures historically and culturally both. 

Why study in China?

The Chinese government is facilitating the higher education system and attracting international aspirants with numerous scholarship programs. For the international or Indian potentials, these scholarships are spread across all the study programs or subjects with specializations. Over 40,000 scholarships are available for international aspirants. China offers incredible learning opportunities for international students with low tuition-fee costs. In the modern era of global techno-entrepreneurs, China is a paradigm of the highly innovative and competitive leading economy across the globe. With an imperative outlook and excellent consumer experience making China, is the best choice for international students. This country is the ‘Dragon of Innovation and Leadership’ in the manufacturing industry and has more dynamic prospects. An international enthusiast can excel in their career with earn global skills in the most competent and innovative work environment. Numerous Chinese universities provide thousands and more study programs in English language or medium of teaching is the second language. Apart from the English language an aspirant can also learn and add another feather in their cap by acquiring the official language of China. Mandarin is the second-most popular and spoken foreign language in the world. Another reason to study in China is— safe country and infused with the warm local people. China welcomes international individuals fervently with whole-heartedness. It could be a golden opportunity to study abroad in China to discover and navigate wonderful learning & earning opportunities and travelling destinations with fabulous cuisine hubs. 

China has an amalgam of culture, traditional integrity, and modern values. The locals thrive into their traditional ways like—local festivals, family, tea culture, and much more. Apart from learning experience one can dive into the beautiful local culture of China and explore the adequate lifestyle of Chinese people. It could be another medium to create and build a vibrate network off-campus and abroad. 

More than 5 lacs international students have been already enrolled in Chinese universities. International students are attracted to the versatility of the Chinese education system in the tertiary education system. The institutes offer multiple courses with specializations and relevant study programs. Some of the popular streams and courses are Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Art & Design, Biological & Life Sciences, Building & Architecture, Business Administration, Chinese Language & Literature, Computing & IT, International Economics & Trades, Civil Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chinese Language Training,  Environmental Sciences, Finance, Geography, Health & Clinical Medicine, History, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Welfare Studies & Services, Information Science & Librarianship, Law & Legal Studies, Marketing, Media & Communication, Performing Arts & Music, Political & Social Sciences, Teaching & Education, and many more. Higher education in China is the foundation of culture, innovation, philosophy, and art. All Chinese universities provide the best education across the globe. There are around 3000+ universities promoting and encouraging international students to explore their potentials and grow. According to the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education, 134 renowned Chinese universities have secured top and prestigious rankings in the global list. Some of the top-ranked Chinese universities like— Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Southeast University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, and many more. 

Study options for Indian students in China

There are multiple high-range of study programs available in China for international students who are infused with specializations. High-quality English-taught programs are the primary feature of the education system in China. Numerous renowned universities offer various kinds of degree courses like—short-term Chinese programs, undergraduate courses, graduation courses, post-graduation courses, bachelor’s/master’s degree courses, doctoral/post-doctoral degree courses, technical & professional courses, etc. 

A young & talented aspirant seeking global learning and skill-building opportunities in China can enrol themselves in an educational institute. They must arrange the following documents while applying for a study program in a Chinese university:

  • Applicant’s passport size photograph,
  • Applicant’s photocopy of the passport,
  • Applicant’s personal ID,
  • Photocopy of the visa 
  • A health certificate or relevant document,
  • A police clearance certificate stating the applicant bearing of a good character,
  • An English language or Chinese language proficiency document,
  • A letter of guarantee by the parents/guardians
  • A proof of sufficient financial funds to study in China,
  • All the relevant academic documents acquired from one’s former education institute,

Student life in China is full of adventures and excitement with all the academic and extracurricular activities. 

Chinese student visa requirement & eligibility criteria

To study in China, an international student must have a Chinese student visa. There are the following documents required for a study visa in China which involves a few simple steps—

  • Collect the college/university acceptance letter from the chosen university after enrolling in a Chinese university.
  • There are 2 types of student visas for an international student and one can choose accordingly. F visa—provides an international aspirant with the opportunity to study for less than 6 months. X visathis visa type will be beneficial for those aspirants who wish to study for more than 6 months in China. 

An international individual can apply for a PR or Residence Permit within the arrival of 30 days in China. It will allow the international students to stay for the whole duration of their studies in China. The individual can apply for the PR visa or Residence Permit at a division of exit-entry administration of the local public security bureau. 

The documents required to apply for a Chinese student visa are as follows:

  • An original passport with a validity of at least 6-months & 1 blank page (after the expected date of the departure).
  • A completed application form 
  • A passport size photograph
  • One photocopy and original document of letter of acceptance from the chosen/enrolled Chinese university
  • A valid proof of payment of visa application fee and the application fee for international aspirants (other than Myanmar & American) could be $40
  • A valid proof of legal status in the country where one is applying for the visa, such as a PR
  • Proof of accommodation and air-tickets 
  • A medical examination or physical examination document to study in China for more than 180 days

Any international enthusiast can apply for a Chinese student visa through online mode from Chinese Visa Application Centre (CVASC). If one cannot apply via online mode they can visit their nearby Chinese Embassy or Consulate. 

One can apply online or offline (Chinese Embassy/Consulate) or can take help from immigration consultancy experts like Beyond Immigration.  

Cost of study for Indian students in China/Study in China cost:

All the estimated costing for studying in China can vary as per a study program, location, university, and lifestyle with other necessary expenses. The mentioned factors can cost on a different level like—the public universities, private institutions, and other Chinese language institutions depending on the chosen programs. Although, studying in China is very affordable and non-expensive as compare to other European countries. On an average note, a public education institution may charge the tuition fee from $2,500 to $10,000. A private institute can charge around $30,000 depending on the study program (s) one is pursuing. However, tuition fees in the private universities may vary from public institutions as per the facilities and other related reasons. 

Moreover, there are various Chinese universities that do not charge any tuition fees for international students. These are the premium satellite campuses that have been set up by the other countries to provide effective learning without any tuition fee. 

Some of the great universities in China offer affordable education like Bohai University, Ningbo University, Beijing Normal University, Jiangsu University, and plenty more. 

There are different types of accommodation in China are available for international students and among them the most general one are:

  • Student residence halls can range from $150 to $400 per month.
  • If one stays on a rented flat it can cost around $300 to $1,000 per month; depending on the residing location/city.

Work permit after study in China

All the international students are permitted to work on a part-time basis while studying in China. They can also partake in internships as per their preferences. However, to work off-campus they must take permission from their enrolled university and the Chinese immigration authorities. 

The university will give the approval letter to work in the chosen company and the same company will also provide a certificate. Following this, a police station will stamp or mark the visa as ‘part-time work’. 

Is IELTS required to study in China?

There are varieties of English language proficiency tests available to apply in a Chinese university to study abroad. To scale English language proficiency one can take exams/tests like—IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Duolingo, ITP plus, etc. Remember, each university has their own requirement and eligibility criteria to take in international students for a particular course. It is necessary to check the eligibility before applying to a specific university and a course. 

China is filled with marvellous opportunities to reach the depth of knowledge and skill an international student must gain all the first-hand and practice experience from a global leader.