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March 24, 2023

Why USA for Masters?

The land of the free, United States of America is also known as the immigration capital of the world. It is described as the place where all dreams come true. Rightly so, the country is known for its extravagant living standards, its openness to everyone, scientific research, businesses, and the part we will be covering today, education.

The United States is by far the best country when it comes to higher education. The number of courses and research projects there are in American universities and institutions is nowhere in the entire world. For higher studies, America is regarded as one of the best nations to choose from. American education is liberalistic in view and highly effective to the dynamic nature of the world. Top companies in the entire world will prefer a person who has studied at an American institution over anything else. 

A Master’s in America is probably the best a person can go for. There are thousands of courses in thousands of institutions. Let’s understand why exactly American Master’s is better than every other nation and why you should choose the USA as the top priority while considering a master’s degree. 

  • Excellence in Academics

The USA has one of the most robust higher education systems in the world. This goes back to 1800 as well, hence making the US universities one of the oldest in the business. The US universities and colleges have consistently ranked high in the world university ranking, currently, 6 of the best 15 educational institutions in the world are US universities. MIT, Stanford, Harvard, the University of Chicago, and all the Ivy-league colleges of the USA are consistently ranked in the top 50 universities of the world

Dating back to its ages of independence, these universities provide a system where a student can explore themselves and become a resource for themselves and ultimately, the nation. The US institutes focus more on the practical usage of the courses rather than just theory. For a person who is pursuing a Master’s, the institutes serve as a research center. 

  • Research Institutes

The US is heaven for information-hungry people. All the master’s level courses are designed in a way where the person has to perform certain research to form their thesis upon. Through the libraries of US universities and colleges, you can get access to over 200 years of research in thousands of domains like space adventure, advanced biotech, nuclear research, and more. 

  • Validity in other nations

The US master’s courses are designed in a way that applies to the entire world. A graduate from a US institution will easily score a job in any country around the world as the curriculum is designed to counter the dynamic nature of the environment. 

  • Learning Structure

The US is so highly ranked in the education sector because of a simple reason, and that is Advancement. Universities in the States saw that the people are growing and are neglecting the old standard way of teaching. Hence, they adapted. They brought out advanced learning strategies which make the students learn through workshops, simulations, practical exercises, research-oriented studies, etc. 

 This made sure that the student had to put in the effort to score something, ultimately making their entire course structure an exercise for students up until they form their thesis. They integrated technology into their systems and have been improving since. Universities in the USA do not seem to stop anytime soon with these enhancements.

  • Opportunities

Well, with the robust system of education, rich history, and studies being valid worldwide, it is no doubt that American Universities will then provide you with better career options. Especially in the STEM courses, US university degrees will provide you with so many high-paying career options all around the globe, including the USA. 

The demand for computer science, medicine, business administration, etc post grads in the USA is at an all-time high. The entry-level pay scale in these domains after getting a US postgraduate degree is way beyond what you expect. In approximately 3-4 years you get all the money you invested in education back.

  • Acceptance of International students

The USA, being the hub of immigration has an excellent system for international students to get support/help from. They provide you with incredible guidance, face any level of difficulty, and even help you get accustomed to their customs to fit in better with other international and US students. 

  • Diversity

As mentioned, being the hub of immigration, millions of students come to the United States to seek quality education. Hence, the country has become incredibly diverse. People from all around the globe bring in their culture, festivals, and experiences. Through your university life, you can experience the culture of the entire world. This enhances your own experiences and makes you a rational person. In turn, you gain a lot of connections around the globe. 

The USA is a dream destination for all, but there is another country that has a similar to the USA, rich history and consistency when it comes to providing quality education to the entire world. Both of these countries have contributed so much research to the world, that they are now considered on the top pedestal when it comes to higher studies. The country that gives the major competition to the United States is none other than the United Kingdom. 

So let’s study why the UK can be a better option for international students than the USA.

Why choose the UK over the USA for Masters?

Almost all the reasons that make the USA MS courses incredible are applicable to the UK. The UK also has a fair share of institutions in the top 15 like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and UCL. Don’t get us wrong, it’s up to people’s preference to choose, but choosing the UK can be a better idea for your career and your pocket. Let’s see how.

  • Majors

In the United Kingdom, you can pick your majors in the very first year, instead of the USA’s sophomore year system. Through this, you can devote more time to the majors than usual and get to know more about the field of your study. 

  • Length of MS

The UK offers 1 year MS programs to students which are as valid as the 2-year programs in the USA. This helps the student to learn more in a shorter frame of time. 

  • Opportunities

The USA has one of the best work opportunities for international students, but the silver lining is that it is good for only STEM courses. Students with STEM courses can stay and work in the US for up to 3 years, non-STEM courses students are not allowed this extension (also known as OPT).

The UK on the other hand does not have regulations on STEM and non-STEM. Everyone who has a valid job offer can stay and gain experience for up to 2 years in the UK. 

  • Cost of Education

The quality of education in the USA comes at a huge cost. The same level of education, MS, in the UK is will cost you half as much because of some 1-year degrees. Overall, the UK is less costly than the USA. 
The choice is yours now, both are incredible countries with the best and most robust education systems ever seen. To get yourselves enrolled into either of the countries, or to know more about the Study in USA, the UK, STEM and non-STEM, and whatnot, contact Beyond Immigration.

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