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February 21, 2023

Singapore Passport and Visa Requirements and Size

Singapore is a tiny island nation in SouthEast Asia. It is known to be one of the cleanest countries in the world. The country is known for its incredible skylines, greenery, strict laws, and always welcoming people. Tourism is always on the rise as the temperatures are extremely favourable. 

If you need a visa to travel to this beautiful nation or even want to renew your passport, you must take care of their “photo” or “picture”. To be exact there are many specifications when it comes to photo requirements like size, colour, image size, etc. This is done to ensure there are no discrepancies upon tourists’ arrival in Singapore or even to check someone’s identity.

What are the Visa photo size requirements?

Size (Dimensions) should be 45mm by 35mm and the Image Size cannot be bigger than 150kB.

Are there any Background regulations?

It is very important to note that the background should be white and white only. No other colour is considered valid. Lighting is very important and is the most common cause of rejection. Be sure there are no shadows on the face, the photo is neither overexposed nor underexposed and a reflection from a flash isn’t present.

How old can the photo be?

The photo should have been taken within the last three months.

What should be the colour of the photo?

The colours should be very clear. It should represent the actual colour of one’s skin. 

There are no regulations for facial expressions. You should be visible with your eyes open and a neutral expression only. If you wear glasses, they should be put on in a normal way only. It should be made sure that there is no red-eye in the photo. A new photo is needed if you have a red eye as no editing is allowed on the photos.

What should be the dress code while appearing for a Singapore Visa passport photograph?

There are no restrictions on the same as well but it would be preferable if you wear business formal with a clean beard trim or no beard at all.

How many photos do you need for the application?

A total of 2 photos are required for the application.

Are there any Visa Photo Requirements for Babies/Newborns/Kids?

If you are taking your newborn or your kid with you to Singapore or are applying for their passports, you must make sure that their photos must comply with the following:

  1. No toys or pacifiers are allowed. Not even bottles. If you are holding the infant, your hands must not be visible. 
  2. The photo should not be blurred, make sure that the baby is calm and has their eyes open.
  3. Make sure there is no red-eye in the photo.
  4. A white sheet is preferred in the background if the infant is lying down on the bed or a seat. 

As you can see that there are quite a few regulations when it comes to Singapore visa and passport photographs. To make your visa applications smoother, contact us at B-imm.com

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