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February 18, 2023

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program

In late 2022, the New Brunswick government announced a new pilot program to tackle labor shortages in its areas of manufacturing, fisheries, etc. This is an Employer specific pilot in which 6 employers were chosen to fill in the labor gaps in the province. It aims at permanently retaining the employees by providing them a permanent residency. 

All 6 employers will benefit a lot from it as all the critical labor shortages and gaps.

The partnered six employers are as follows:

  1. Cooke Aquaculture Inc.
  2. Groupe Savoie Inc.
  3. Groupe Westco
  4. Imperial Manufacturing
  5. J.D. Irving Ltd.
  6. McCain Foods

All the employers were selected after their great participation in retaining people through New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. These employers have requisite settlement services for new economic immigrants along with training programs for language proficiency and skill development and enhancement

In line with this vision, the six businesses listed above must ensure that (in support of new immigrant settlement) they:

  1. Have robust settlement plans for housing, and transportation, to best support the successful establishment of candidates in their new jobs and communities, with a strong commitment to long-term retention;
  2. Have comprehensive human resources planning for recruiting and hiring skilled international talent, and for on-the-job skills enhancement;
  3. Provide up to 200 hours of language training, as required, to candidates; and
  4. Offer guidance and support to candidates who may wish to pursue their Canadian secondary education equivalency.

This 5-year pilot program will be evaluated every year to solve immigrant needs. This also shows that there is a high chance that other Canadian provinces will also launch these programs. Canadian Immigration is only going to rise. If you wish to learn more about Canadian Immigration, contact us at b-imm.com. Our professionals will guide you the right way and help you secure Canadian Permits or a direct PR.

Who is eligible for the New Brunswick Pilot Critical Worker Program?

Being an “EMPLOYER” driven program, the recruitment of skilled candidates is pretty much targeted. The applications to the pilot are made by the Participating Employers. 

Employers do keep many things in mind to make sure the employee they are recruiting is incredibly skilled and is the best fit for New Brunswick. These include extensive past experience in a similar field. The program will not accept any applications from “interested candidates”.

What is the New Brunswick Pilot Program for International students?

The New Brunswick Pilot Program for International Students or the New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot is for, as the name suggests, international graduates from Atlantic Business College, Eastern College, McKenzie College, or Oulton College. The students must have studied in one of the 19 targeted occupations. 

Like the other pilots, the objective of this pilot is to provide an immigration pathway to the graduates of the above-mentioned colleges having a 1-2 year or more degree in the listed targeted occupation domains. The main focus is put on student retention to help the skill shortages in the area. 

The targeted occupation domains majorly prefer students from Education and social development, health, IT, cyber security, business administration, logistics, etc. sectors. 

What is Canada's New Pilot Program 2023?

Well to keep the economy of the country running smoothly and to majorly cover up all the skill shortages all across the nation, Canada supports a high number of immigrants every year. To achieve the numbers that Canada is achieving, the country must have several immigration pathways to welcome people from different domains, ages, skills, and whatnot

As expected, Canada is probably of the best-run nations in the world thanks to its incredibly smooth immigration policies. Don’t get me wrong, the process is a tab bit time taking, but the process is very streamlined due to the introduction of various pathways. 

Just like the other programs, Canada has released various Pilot programs. Pilot Programs are limited-term programs formed mainly to cater to needs and shortages in specific Canadian Territories. 

The 4 primary Pilot Programs introduced by the Canadian Immigration Authorities are

1. AIP: Atlantic Immigration Pilot 

The program majorly aims at filling up skill shortages by providing permanent residency to foreign skilled workers and international graduates in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 

2. Agri-food Pilot

As the name suggests, it is associated with the Agri-food sector of Canada. It also provides permanent residency to skilled, non-season workers who have substantial experience in the agri-food and related industries. It is supposed to end this year in May.

3. Giver Pilot

It is a replacement for  Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots. It provides Permanent residency to people who have expertise in caregiving and caring for children.

4. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

This is one of the most famous Pilots along with AIP. It was made up by the Canadian Immigration Authorities by teaming up with small communities in the rural areas of Canada, known as the Participating Communities. It provides permanent residency to interested skilled workers and international graduates who are ready to live in one of the participating communities. 

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