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February 10, 2023

Immigration to Ireland

Ireland has recently gained a lot of popularity in the immigration sector. This is because of its booming and changing economy. The country is now developing into a more industrial and service frontier. The low tax rates and higher pay are allowing people to dream of Ireland as their preferred destination for Ireland. Be it, students or workers, Ireland is opening up its regulations to let more people into its territory for economic and cultural growth, which in turn is also resulting in a higher standard of living and subsequently an ever-increasing happiness index of the EU member.

Is Ireland hard to Immigrate to?

Ireland, these days, is put in the same league or pedestal as Australia or the UK when it comes to immigration. Ireland is an EU member and hence is considered very immigration friendly for both the students looking for higher education and for the people looking for work in the Emerald Isle. 

People looking for higher studies need to qualify for the basic requirements to get admission to incredible and world-renowned Irish Universities and colleges. It is also becoming a great alternative for people who do not qualify for British Universities. You need to have a 55-60% minimum in your high school results if you wish to immigrate there for graduation and above 60% in graduation if you’re looking for post-graduation opportunities. You also need to provide a minimum of 6.5 bands in IELTS (minimum of 6.0 in every section), or equivalent in other language tests. One can expect a reply for the same in the time frame of 8 weeks. 

Indians who want to work in Ireland have to secure a work permit/visa because of EU regulations. You can apply for a two-year work permit for 1000 EUR. You also need to fulfill many requirements in order to acquire a work permit. If you work in a lab, healthcare, or IT, you are eligible for Critical Skills Employment Permit which allows the visa process to be a lot shorter and the person can expect a positive response as well. This is due to the shortages Ireland is facing in these professions. 

Where do most immigrants to Ireland come from?

Ireland is becoming a preferred destination for many EU and Non-EU member nation’s residents. Around 12.9% of the Irish population comprises immigrants. This number sums up to a total of 645000 immigrants. 

People from all around the globe contribute to this number, the most prominent of those are immigrants from the United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, and many other eastern-European nations. Australia, the USA, and Canada account for high numbers as well when it comes to non-EU nations. 

According to a census in 2021, the total number of Indians in the Irish borders is close to 21000 making it one of the top contributors to the immigrant population of Ireland from Asia. 

Is Ireland a good place to live for immigrants?

For the people considering Ireland as a preferred destination for immigration, it is great news that the Irish economy is on the rise and is projected to only go up in the near future. This means more job opportunities and there will be a possibility that the country will allow more people in and provide them with Permanent Residency and eventually citizenship if they qualify. 

Ireland is considered one of the most immigration-friendly countries in the world along with Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA. The country has an insanely welcoming nature and is very open to different cultures because of being a part of the EU. This makes the country an ethnically diverse nation and a place for mental as well as financial growth. 

The universities of the country accept people who switch streams and you can even immigrate to Ireland, if requirements are fulfilled, without a job there. Though this will make finding a job very difficult. 

The cost of living, although, is relatively high in the country. Even the rental prices reach sky-high. The income tax also takes a big cut but provides you with a lot of facilities like free healthcare facilities and whatnot. But if you want to live not so much of a high-standard life, but instead a basic lifestyle with all the amenities you need, Ireland will easily work for you. The pay rate in the country allows financial freedom to the working class and even to the students working part-time. Students often pay their own tuition fees for the subsequent years, without any or minimum parental support,  while sustaining themselves in the country. 

Is it worth migrating to Ireland?

With Ireland becoming a booming economy, in the near future, Ireland will become one of the best nations to live in the world. Job opportunities are already skyrocketing, especially for the sciences sector and IT sectors. Other than that, Irish education, for those who are interested in higher education from Ireland, the country boasts a collection of world-renowned universities and colleges. It is best known for its management and sciences courses. 

As mentioned above, Ireland is becoming a major powerhouse in the economic sector, hence it will result in them inviting more immigrants to keep up with the workforce that will be required for subsequent growth. This will result in positive outcomes for more PR applicants, and them converting into citizens eventually. 

Free healthcare facilities are also available to PR holders in the country. The country boasts an overall high standard of living and an opportunity to travel to the rest of Europe. People generally travel to the UK for work and even enjoy their vacations in mainland Europe exploring countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, etc. 

Which is better Ireland or Canada?

When it comes to overall immigration facilities, higher education institutions, job opportunities, pathways for immigration, and overall friendliness for non-native english speaking nations like India, Pakistan, and China, Canada is much better. 

Ireland is very friendly when it comes to student immigration but lacks in the PR and citizenship department as of now, which will probably change in the future. Even in that sector, Canada beats Ireland as the Canadian workforce relies a lot on foreign workers working within Canada which is the reason for the sudden growth of the North American Giant. 

Canada offers various pathways for immigrants through which they can swiftly apply for immigration and can complete the process very easily, especially for countries like India and China, Canada offers Student Direct Stream which streamlines the visa application process for foreign students enrolled in Canada. 

Along with that, permanent residency and citizenship opportunities are way higher in Canada due to its low population with regard to its workforce needs and the country’s size. 

Both Canada and Ireland are regarded as one the best countries to immigrate to, but due to Canada being in this field for a long and introducing multiple programs for people, Canada takes a giant lead in immigration numbers and friendliness. 

Is it easy for Indians to get PR in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the many countries that grant PR to Indians or Indian passport holders. The process is not easy nor is it difficult. In the end, it depends on how long you have been working there and what you have been working in. There are many ways through with you can apply for PR in Ireland as an Indian. 

  1. Critical Skill Employment Permit: This allows the person who has a job offer from an Irish employer for at least 2 years with remuneration of at least 30000EUR/yr. The worker must possess a skill that is in demand in the Irish Labor Market. 
  2. Family: If your spouse or a family member is living in Ireland, you can travel with them to Ireland with or without a visa (depending on whether they have PR or citizenship respectively).
  3. Student: You can also acquire permanent residency in Ireland through student route. no The student is allowed to live in the country if they are in an authorized college and covered health insurance with proof of funds for sustainability in the country. If they find a job after their studies, they can apply for a work permit and after 2-3 years at maximum, they can apply for permanent residency. This is the most prominent way.

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