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September 18, 2021

How to get a Canadian Student Visa

Generally, one must apply for a study permit before enrolling themselves into an accredited university in Canada. An aspirant can apply for a study permit from within Canada. One can work with other important things like- family or arranging the required prospects. An immigration consultant can assist or guide in the procedure for the best option available. International studies with ambition are a critical and complex job that requires continuous communication and up-to-date documents. Every year, over 130,000 international students choose to study at Canadian universities for higher studies. Canada is the most popular location for lucrative job offers and a high-quality education system. It is full of numerous possibilities and, with a vibrant culture, one can grow effectively. According to the upgraded laws, 2021, to facilitate the work permit while studying or post-study, for STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; can attain a work permit without any complexities. All the academic institutions focus on- a major; aspect of international collaborations, research-based studies, scientific publications, and global marketing skills. With the help of these, the aspirants will develop a cross-cultural and skill-oriented interface with the existing ecosystem. 

Is it easy to get a student visa for Canada?

A student visa or permit for Canada involves several procedures to apply to international universities. Note that a student visa does not act as a regular visa, allowing one to enter or travel in the country. Obtaining a student visa can be a challenging job sometimes. Therefore, being a popular and highly-acclaimed destination for the aspirants to pursue their higher studies in an advanced developed country. However, this popularity also portrays the rigidity in the visa process significantly. An aspirant must make sure that their applications with the required documents are appropriate. And there is no chance to get rejected which is an uncommon thing. Although there are some reasons which can be behind the rejection, let us understand these factors:

  • Including of letter of acceptance– LOA, a letter of acceptance is a necessary document that needs to be obtained by an aspirant. Ensure that LOA has been listed- in the designated learning institution list provided by a Canadian host school. Failure to present the LOA or its authenticity/validity is doubtful; the visa application might get rejected. 
  • Financial reasons: As a part of the Canadian visa application process, aspirants should submit a bank certificate/bank statement. These documents are the evidence that one can support themselves while studying in Canada. If an aspirant, unable to pay for their tuition fees, travel expenses, or daily expenses. They can encounter application rejection for a student visa.  
  • Failure to leave the country at the end of your studies: It is a necessary thing to remember for an aspirant while applying for the visa application, is a temporary visa, which comes with an expiration period. In this matter, the authority will check for one’s previous travel history, family tie-ups in Canada, and the country of residence, as well. 
  • Issues with travel or identity documents: Submitting all the appropriate documents, including- a valid passport, a recent passport size photograph of the aspirant, and a proper application form. Also, make sure all the relevant documents are easy to understand and well-arranged. The authority will verify all of them while proceeding with the formalities, checking whether the aspirant is admissible or not. 
  • Academic performance: For a value-based quality education system; Canada, is the most desired destination for aspiring students. With good grades or consistency in the previous academic performance, one can get their student visa verified. As the English language is a mandatory requirement for every aspirant, the scores secured in the IELTS or TOEFL demonstrate the ability to achieve the desired goal. Then, the authority can pass the visa application. But, with a combination of low grades or uneven scores, the visa officer might ask the question on the ability of the aspirant to cope-up with the English taught subjects. 
  • COVID-19 update: Due to the pandemic, some of the VAC- Visa Application Centre might be affected by office dealings. Ensure the guidelines before visiting manually or online for a student visa application. 

How many funds are required for a Canadian student visa?

Canada has a diverse emigrant historical background with thinly-populated metropolitan cities with multiple opportunities to study abroad. Securing a student visa or permit for Canada;the proof of unburdened available funds is required to cover all the learning and living experiences.

One can provide the proof of funding with the mentioned documents as:

  •  A Canadian bank account document; showing the transferred money.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Canadian bank.
  •  Proof of the education loan or student loan from a bank.
  • Bank statements for the past four months.
  • Proof of paid tuition and housing/accommodation documents. 
  • A letter of scholarship from the school/college one has applied at;

Tuition fees can vary from institution to institution and study programs. 

How can I get Canada student visa fast?

An aspirant can get the student visa as fast as possible, depending on the Student Direct Stream where an aspirant belongs. Although, some applications might take time to process further. To receive faster proceedings: an aspirant should provide the biometrics and provide all the required documents or fulfill the eligibility requirements.

What are the requirements for a student visa in Canada?

Most of the aspirants are always curious about the eligibility requirement to study in Canada. The criteria to qualify the application process are:

  • Education qualification- Graduation from UGC or AICTE recognized university with a 50% score.
  • However, consistency in the studies makes an exceptional case for the aspirants with or without any year back(s). Likewise; 
  • A graduation degree has to be complete- within the stipulated time without any year back.
  • The aspirant must have completed their studies or professional course not more than ten backlogs at the time of graduation. 

 In the general prospect of a student visa for Canada, the basic requirements are: valid passport, attested copies of Xth, XIIth, and Degree certificates, two academic references, two employer references, Statement of Purpose (SOP), extracurricular activities certificates, acceptance letter from the applied education institution, proof of payment, passport size photographs, study permit and visa, TOEFL & IELTS certificate, English proficiency, proof of financial aids/funds, and any additional required document from the applied institution should be included or produced during visa application. 

Hence, the stage of a student visa application for Canada is crucial and critical. One should carefully go through with every requirement for the same. The aspirant must need to collect and organize all the proofs and documents accordingly. With the above-mentioned elaborative answers, Beyond Immigration tried to solve the general curious questions of the aspirants. To facilitate the process for every young and growing aspirant, we thrive to maintain the possibilities across the globe. 

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