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March 24, 2023

GTE Australia: Genuine Temporary Entrant

Many people view temporary immigration as a step to permanently settle in a country. Because developed countries receive the most amount of immigration numbers, they know that many people have the intention of staying permanently. This can many times lead to job deficiency for both applying citizens of the country. Which in turn puts a negative effect on the economy of a country. 

As a result, measures are taken by the immigration authorities of a country to ensure that only genuine entrants enter the nation intending to leave. 

When we talk of high living standards and an ever-growing booming economy, the first country that comes to mind is Australia. Probably the safest nation on the planet, Australia has ranked amongst the top countries for immigration numbers. People from southeast Asia, India, Canada, the UK, etc move to Australia to settle there permanently through the temporary student visa route. 

Hence, the immigration authorities of Australia to control these immigration numbers through temporary routes, especially the student route, came up with GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant. It is by far the most important and often described as one of the most difficult steps when it comes to immigration in Australia. 

GTE is mandatory for all foreign students who wish to gain quality higher education in Australia and in no way maintain ongoing residency in the country. As the name suggests, the country wants people who are genuine entrants, as a result, the GTE assessment is not intended to exclude students who, after studying in Australia, develop skills Australia needs and who then go on to apply for permanent residence.

What is GTE for Australia?

According to the Australian Authorities, while applying for an Australian Student visa online, you need to provide a GTE assessment statement. The word limit to addressing this GTE requirement statement is 300 words (2000 words). After this, an interview will be conducted online with Australian Authorities where they’ll ask you similar questions as mentioned below to assess your eligibility. 

This statement must include all the following information and pieces of evidence supporting the same

  1. Personal circumstances for undertaking study in Australia
  2. The previous study (academic transcripts showing qualifications achieved, name of the education provider(s), length of study, certificates of attainment)
  3. Justification of study Gap (if there is any)
  4. Current Employer (Details of the employer, address, period of employment, position details)
  5. Ties to the home country (evidence of strong ties to the home/native country)
  6. The economic situation in the home country (bank statements, ITRs, documents showing employment or business activities for 12 months before applying,
  7. Potential employment offers including salary and other benefits, After course completion
  8. Employment in a third country

What the authorities want to gather from all this information is if the international student, who wants to study in Australia has valid reasons to do so, if the student is qualified to gain the particular degree/diploma, if the student has enough money to sustain themself in Australia, and most importantly, if the student has job opportunities in the native country upon completion of the program studied in Australia. 

They want to make sure that the student after gaining the respective higher education in Australia will leave the country and not overstay their welcome. 

They consider: 

  1. Your reasons for not choosing your home country for a similar education, 
  2. Ties to home country to support your intention to return,
  3. Economic situations
  4. Military service commitments,
  5. Political or economical unrest in your home country,
  6. Previous study and experience,
  7. Ties to Australia,
  8. Financial Stability,
  9. Planned living arrangements,
  10. The value of your course in the future, and most importantly, its value in your home country,
  11. Proposed future employment opportunities you can get through this course,
  12. Expected salary and benefits that you will get from a similar course in your home country, 
  13. And your previous immigration history. 

How do you prepare for GTE Australia?

You must make sure that whatever you are speaking in the interview and whatever you have written in the statement has genuine proof. If the officials find anything shady in the statement, they’ll reject your candidature and you will not be allowed for further consideration. 

You need to make sure you have answers for all the things that they consider while considering your eligibility. 

How do I clear my GTE for an Australian student visa?

To clear the GTE assessment smoothly, you should provide valid pieces of evidence for your claims. Everything that is said in the statement must have proper stature. Make your claims return as strong as possible.

Make sure that at the time of your interview, you say everything truthfully. There should be no one in the room. 

To get more insights on interview questions and statement formation, contact us at Beyond Immigration. Our consultants will provide candidates with proper interview guidance and prepare a GTE statement.

How to write a strong GTE for an Australian Student Visa?

Write your GTE assessment in the form of a letter. Give your greetings and introduction. Then only start your case for why you should be given an Australian Student Visa. Write the statement in English or another language (do give a translated copy as well). Make sure you have evidence for everything that you are writing for. Finish the letter with formal salutations, your address, and your phone number. Make sure the whole statement has a polite tone. 

To write a perfect GTE assessment statement, get help from Beyond Immigration. 

How can you show strong ties in the home country?

There are many ways you can show strong ties in your home country. 

1. Assets

You can show that you have assets, bank accounts, and businesses running in the home country that you would want to come back and take care of. 

2. Family 

If all of your family (spouse, children, mother, and father) is present in the home country along with your friends, it would be a strong case to show that you want to return to the family as soon as your program is done. 

3. Job opportunities

You can provide pieces of evidence stating that there are multiple job opportunities that will be available to you in the home country after acquiring this degree/diploma.

Are GTE and SOP the same thing?

Both SOP and GTE serve pretty much the same purpose of showing the intent of studying in Australia. GTE on the other hand is a much broader term than SOP. You can make a case to say that the SOP is one of the requirements of the Australian GTE assessment.

How long does GTE approval take?

There is no upper limit, but the GTE approval takes a minimum of 10 days. Make sure all the important pieces of evidence are provided and carefully assess your statements to receive a result early. 

GTE assessment is quite a difficult process to understand at times. The statement has regulations and the interviews require practice. To have ease in these processes and get proper guidance, choose Beyond Immigration as your partner. Our professionals will provide you with interview guidance and will help you form that GTE statement

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