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March 25, 2023

Duolingo Exam

It is the newest addition to the english language proficiency tests that are accepted in thousands of universities all around the globe. It is an online exam, that is, the candidate takes the exam on their computers anytime and anywhere they want to. The test when compared to other proficiency exams is very affordable.

The pattern in this exam is pretty much the same, it has reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills assessments. The test is an adaptive test, which means the difficulty level increases every time you answer a question right. As mentioned, the test can be taken anytime and anywhere, which means that people can take the exams from their homes and take a video interview answering open-ended questions while recording themselves in the test for judging their speaking ability. 

The exam has gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to the effect of covid 19 and everything being shifted online. 

What is the use of the Duolingo exam?

It serves the same purpose as other English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. The results of the same test can be used in different universities 

Other uses of the exam may include

  1. Corporate verification
  2. Placement tests for international students.

What are the parameters for the Duolingo English test?

The test is basically managed by AI technology. The basic parameters of the adaptive exam are

  1. Grammatical skills
  2. Fluency in english
  3. Ability to deliver accurate answers
  4. Choice of words/ vocabulary
  5. Pronunciation 

Just like every other proficiency exam, the Duolingo english test has the above-mentioned basic parameters.

What is the qualifying score for the Duolingo English exam?

In the end, the qualifying results depend on the institution. But a person should generally aim between 120 and 160. This will sit right in range with many institutions and is regarded as a good score.

Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

No, the Duolingo test is not harder than the IELTS. It is an adaptive exam, which means that the level of questions will go up as soon as you mark a question right.

Duolingo Exam Pattern

The test, just like every other English language test, takes care of the 4 main attributes of one’s language proficiency, that is, listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The pattern of the Duolingo english exam is as follows

  • Introduction and Onboarding

Duration: 5 minutes

It is exactly what it sounds like, you will perform a microphone and camera check. Submit all the IDs and go through the regulations of the test. 

  • Adaptive test

Duration: 45 minutes

This is where the exam part starts. Keep in mind that as you answer the questions correctly, the difficulty level will also start increasing. The type of questions includes MCQs, fill in the blanks, match the following, and so on. The AI determines the scores based on other subscores like literacy, comprehension, conversation, and production. Questions are in the format of 

  • Read and complete
  • Read and select
  • Listen and select
  • Listen and type
  • Read aloud
  • Write about the photo
  • Speak about the photo
  • Read and write
  • Read and speak
  • Listen and speak
  • Writing and speaking sample

Duration: 10 minutes

It will be in the form of an upgraded video interview where your speaking and writing skills will be tested. You will be given 30 seconds to choose the question which can be either “describe the image” “speak about the topic” or even “ talk about the situation” for a few minutes. 

The total duration of the test is approximately 1 hour, but you can complete it before that as well.

What is the fee for the Duolingo exam?

It is one of the cheaper options when it comes to English language proficiency tests. It costs around $49 (INR 4028).

Can I take the Duolingo test for free?

Only eligible students who come from low-income backgrounds can get a fee waiver to support themselves at the university. You need to show supporting documents to get the fee waiver.

Is 75 a good score on the Duolingo English Test?

It can be considered a good score at first sight but when compared to other test scores it is not a great score. 75 on Duolingo translates to approximately 5.0 bands in IELTS, which is not acceptable in any university around the world.

What is the weightage of the Duolingo test?

The test is marked on a scale of 10-160. The description of the marks is presented below. 

  • 10-55 or IELTS equivalent 0-4.0 means that the applicant can comprehend basic english but is not proficient
  • 60-85 or IELTS equivalent 4.5-5.0 means that the candidate is much more fluent in English, and can grasp many words but is not as proficient as they should be. 
  • 90-115 or IELTS equivalent 5.5-6.0 means that the applicant can speak the language effectively and has a very high degree of proficiency in writing and listening skills.
  • 120-160 or IELTS equivalent 6.5-9.0 means that the applicant is highly proficient with the language and can undertake difficult assessments. 

The Duolingo exam is widely considered an option in many foreign universities to prove English language proficiency. There is a high chance that in the coming years, visa authorities might start considering this exam as well.

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