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March 22, 2023

Designated Learning Institutions List

Many of us while researching institutions, colleges, and universities in Canada have come across the term DLI. It’s used in the Student Direct System and even in the general category. It still is causing a lot of confusion for people who are interested in Canadian Immigration and let me tell you something, DLI is a really important concept. So, let’s learn more about that.

What is a Designated Learning Institutions List (DLI) in Canada?

A DLI or Designated Learning Institution is a college or university that is approved by the provincial government or the national government to allow international students. All primary and secondary schools are considered DLIs but when it comes to post-secondary education or higher studies, you should check if the college or university you are interested in is on the DLI list. 

Hence, if you want a study permit, you need to apply for a DLI. If the school you’re studying at loses its DLI status while you’re studying, you can keep studying until your study permit expires. You may need to apply to a new DLI in other circumstances.

Some DLIs will provide you with a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which a person can apply for within 6 months of completing their studies. 

Designated Learning Institution List

Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s website is very easily accessible. You can choose the province of your choice and you will see the entire list of colleges and universities available for foreign students, or are listed as DLIs. DLI list.

How can I get admission to a DLI in Canada?

DLIs, basically a college or a university, have similar procedures for admissions to other universities in the world. If you have the required excellence in academic background, a strong statement of purpose, required work experience, and other requirements that a DLI might ask for, then you will receive an offer letter from a DLI. 

Through DLI’s offer letter, you can apply for a study permit in Canada and can start studying in the institution.

What does DLI approved mean?

DLI-approved or governmentapproved means that the provincial or the national government has approved the particular higher studies institution to host international students.

Why is DLI important in Canada?

The DLIs are incredibly important in Canada. The reason for the same is that one can only apply for a study permit once they have received an offer letter from a Designated Learning Institution.

What are the advantages of DLIs in Canada?

Apart from being solely responsible for issuing a study permit, some DLIs play an important role in providing foreign students with PGWP. Post Graduate Work Permit or PGWP is a permit for the graduates of some Canadian DLIs can apply for PGWP so that they can gain experience in Canada while simultaneously living and working in the country without any time restrictions. 

Some things to be noted are that not all DLIs will help you get a PGWP, you have to apply for a PGWP within 6 months of the completion of your studies, and the length of the PGWP’s tenure depends on the duration of your course. The standard length of PGWP concerning the program length is as follows

Less than 8 months: Not eligible for PGWP

At least 8 months, but less than 2 years: Same duration as the length of your program (13-month program will give 13-month long PGWP.)

2 years or more: 3 years long PGWP

Can I change my DLI after entering Canada?

Yes, you can easily change your DLI even after entering Canada as long as you are meeting the conditions of your study permit. The necessary information and documents that you would need are An online account, study permit number, your new school’s DLI number, your new student ID number, and your start date at your new school.

Then you need to follow the following process

  1. Sign in to your account and click Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer  then select Transfer from the DLI number.
  2. Enter the study permit application number and click search my application
  3. Fill in all the necessary information, then put your new school’s DLI number, your new student ID number, and your start date at your new school. Submit Transfer.
  4. Confirm transfer after thoroughly rechecking everything. You will then receive a notification about your wish to change the DLI from Canadian Authorities.

Beyond Immigration is here to streamline your study process in Canada. Our expert team of professionals will make sure all your applications and submissions go smoothly and you the DLI of your choice. 

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