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February 10, 2023

CRS Point System Canada

CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is a tool used by the Canadian government to determine the eligibility for a candidate to receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for a Canadian PR. The system scores the candidates based on their profiles out of 1200. The factors in this profile that can affect one’s total points are age, education, language proficiency, Canadian Work Experience, arranged employment in the National Occupation Classification, and many other factors like skill transferability, work experience of living sibling/spouse/family member in Canada, etc.  

The CRS should not be confused with the point system through which one’s eligibility for Express entry is calculated. If one scores 67 out of the 100 points, the person is considered eligible for PR via Express Entry. After which the person needs to score well on the CRS scale.    

The people who score the highest in CRS out of 1200 points are given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) through a draw system. This is majorly influenced by what job is the person currently doing or what sector/ skill a candidate belongs to. This is due to the fact that Canada has National Occupation Classification (NOC) lists, the higher you have your occupation and skill on the list, the more points you’ll get. This makes sure that Canada provides permanent settlement to the people who will help in the development of the Canadian Economy. 

If you have apple through provincial nomination programs, you are directly awarded 600 points, which is more than enough to get an ITA. 

How many points do you need for CRS?

The cut-off points change every year but a minimum of 450 points are considered a must when talking about a Canadian PR through Express Entry System. If you fail to score 450 points, you should look for Provincial Nominee Programs or QSWP if you are a french speaker.

With a spouse or common-law partner a person should score a maximum of 460 points total for all factors and without a common-law partner or spouse, the person maximum of 500 points total for all factors. These are the points that are considered safe and have a high chance of positive response in the form of ITA. 

Are 450 points for CRS score good?

The score, in the end, depends on the in-demand occupations and the province you are applying permanent residency for. Regardless, 450 is considered a good score and can fetch you an ITA as well. The chances will be low but not very low as the cut-off revolves around this number only.

Can I get PR with a 350 CRS score?

This score will not fetch you an ITA in any way. There’s a very low chance that it might get you one but the growing competition will only take the cutoffs higher and without a common-law partner or a spouse, getting an ITA with 350 points on the CRS scale are near to impossible.

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