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March 7, 2023

Canada Tourist visa holders can apply for a Work Visa in Canada for 2 years

Yes, you heard it right! INDIAN tourists can now apply for a working visa while being on a tourist visa in Canada. This facility is only available to those who are present in Canada on a tourist visa and have found a job in the Canadian market while being on a tourist visa. 

The visa will hold a validity of 2 years. This has now become a hot topic as IRCC was about to move this policy last month, but has now extended it further for 2 more years. People can use this facility till February 28th, 2025. This policy has been extended as a result of a severe labor shortage in the country of Canada. 

The applicants of this category who have held a working permit in the last 12 months will be allowed interim work so as to serve the labor shortage hit employers as quickly as possible. 

Well, how is this policy beneficial you may ask?

This policy allows the person to move to Canada as a tourist and apply for a work permit from inside the country. Earlier the application could have only been possible if the applicant had applied for it from the outside. The person was not allowed to enter the country without a work permit.

So who reaps the benefits of this policy?

  1. Should hold the status of Visitor while being in the country.
  2. A job offer from LMIA or LMIA-exempt employer
  3. Have submitted the application before 28th February 2025.
  4. The applicant must also meet the standard Canadian working visa criteria besides the above-mentioned requirements.

People who want to move to Canada and work and stay there only can use this policy to a great extent. As the labor shortage is increasing and the application date is extended, the person has a very high chance of securing a work permit. 

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