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February 27, 2023

Australia Points for Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Skilled Independent Visa or Subclass 189 visa invites foreign workers with unique skills that the Australian Labour Market lacks, and lets them settle and work in Australia permanentlyOf course, NOT ALL skills are at a deficit in Australian markets, the skills are listed in the skilled occupation list which also can change from time to time. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this visa is NOT a sponsored visa. You do not need an employment letter from an Australian employer to apply for this visa. You need to score a total of 65 points and have a relevant occupation on the skilled occupation list

The advantages of this visa are numerous. If your visa is approved you can live, work, and study in Australia and bring your family members as well. This visa will make you a PR holder in Australia. Soon you will then be able to apply for Australian citizenship as well. 

Who are eligible to apply?

The eligibility criteria for this Visa are very strict. One must

  1. have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  2. complete a successful skill assessment for the relevant occupation
  3. have at least competent English
  4. score at least 65 points. Calculate your points
  5. be invited to apply by SkillSelect
  6. You must be under 45 years of age

How to apply for Subclass 189?

Step 1: If you are eligible and have an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List

Step 2: If you score more than 65 points, you can submit an expression of interest (EOI).

Step 3: Your EOI will then be processed and if eligible an invitation to apply will be sent via SkillSelect.

Step 4: Submit all the important documents. Upon receiving your visa, you are ready to fly to Australia with your family. 

Points for Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

The points and the cut-off play a major role in this visa. If you are not qualified you are not allowed to even send an EOI.

The points depend on various factors which determine the value of human capital and that it is an asset to the Australian economy. Major factors that influence the points are as follows

Age: (in years)
English Language Proficiency:
Competent English
Proficiency English
Superior English

Skilled Employment Experience: (In years)
Overseas Skilled Employment (Outside of Australia)
Less than 3
At least 3 less than 5
At least 5 but less than 8
At least 8
Australian Skilled Employment (Inside Australia)
Less than 1
At least 1 but less than 3
At least 3 but less than 5
At least 5 but less than 8
More than 8

Education Qualification:
Doctorate from an Australian institution or a doctorate from an institution of equivalent stature.

At least a bachelor's degree from an Australian institution or an institution of equivalent stature.

A diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution

Attained a qualification or award recognized by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation as being suitable for that occupation

A Masters's degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution that included at least 2 academic years study in a relevant field.




Australian Study Requirements 5
Completion of a Professional Year in Australia (CA, CPA, etc.)5
Hold a recognized qualification in a credentialled community language5
Lived and completed a degree/diploma/trade qualification in regional Australia5
Partner Skills:
Spouse (meeting english, age, and skill criteria)
You are single or your Spouse is an Australian PR holder or citizen
Spouse has the competent english (They need to apply for same via class and must not be a PR holder of Australia and citizenship

These are all the ways a person can claim points. As you can see a person who is above 25 but below 30 with relevant work experience and at least a bachelor’s degree will easily score more than 65 points and hence becomes eligible to send an EOI. This is not a perfect profile but a profile with high chances if all the cards are played rightly. 

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