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February 13, 2023

Express Entry Draw

Express Entry is an immigration option/stream for Canadian Permanent Residency applicants. The express entry includes 3 broad programs to invite people for a Canadian Permanent Residency. These programs are Canadian Experience Class, Federal skilled workers, and federal skill trades. You must be eligible for one of the above-mentioned programs.

Through this system, a draw is conducted through which the eligible candidates from the “candidate pool” are invited based on the cut-off CRS score by the IRCC to apply for a PR. This invitation is called ITA or Invitation to Apply, receiving which the candidate must complete the online submission for PR within 60 days. 

The cut-offs for the CRS score, which decides which candidate will be in the “candidate pool”, are different for every draw.

The whole Express Entry process is online, where you have to first check if you qualify for express entry or not. If qualified, your CRS score will be calculated. If your CRS score is equivalent to or more than the cut-off, you will be given the ITA based on your rank.  The CRS scores can vary depending on the different pathways and schemes but generally good CRS score is 490 or above. 

Latest draw results for 2023

In 2023, the IRCC conducted three express entry draws. 5500 people were given ITAs in each draw conducted on January 11th and January 18th. The latest one was on February 2nd. 3300 people were invited to the February draw.

Draw score:

The draw score for the one conducted on January 11th was 507. For the other one, the cut-off score was 490. The February draw had a cut-off of 489

Next draw expected date:

Two draws are conducted every month within 2 weeks of each other. The expected date for the next draw is February 15th.

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