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Canada Permanent Residency

Canada has a vivid socio-economic and technical landscape, emerging as a second-best immigration friendly country. The nation offers a full range of programs for migrant enthusiasts. Government authorities are actively working to ease the immigration process amid COVID-19 scenario backdrop. Interested migrants willing to migrate in Canada for work, study, and live can apply through the certain application forms. For a quality-life in a technically advanced ecosystem with a secure environment, permanent residency (PR) enthusiasts are welcomed in Canada. In the first eight months of 2021, government authority has reached 46% ahead of their targets with skyrocketing applications. “These are significant strides towards Canada’s goal of welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021,” Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said by email. “The increasing pace of the last two months means we’re well on track to meet this goal, and welcome the largest number of immigrants in Canadian history.” 

Canada PR process—a PR or permanent resident is the one who has been granted permission by the Canadian government to live permanently in Canada. An emphasis has been given to those concerning temporary residents like foreign workers or students converting them into a permanent resident. Hence, it will boost the applications for PRs in Canada as well. The process for gaining the permanent residents permit or visa, are mentioned below: 

Processing time may vary from six-months to more due to COVID-19 situation. It also includes the time of biometrics submission also. 

How to apply for Canada

Canada PR requirements & eligibility: There are certain requirements for the PR visa or PR card. It is managed with a point system for different requirements. The criteria for point system includes—the age, education, work experience, language ability, adaptability and arranged employment. 

  • Age: 18-35 years
  • Education: qualification equal to highest secondary education in Canada from a recognized institute
  • Work experience: at least one year of full-time work experience is required
  • Language ability: at least 6 bands in their IELTS test and the score should be less than 2 years old. 
  • Adaptability: if one’s spouse or common-law partner willing to migrate together with the applicant
  • Arranged employment: for a valid work offer from the respective employer can be effective.

Who is eligible for Canada PR?

Apparently, an applicant applying through Canada Express Entry program for a PR visa will have to go through the point system. This system consists three basic sub-categories like— FSWP, FSTP, and CEC. As per the mentioned necessary requirements, an individual who meets all of the above criteria can attain certain points for different categories. 

  • If an individual is between 18-35 years old, they will get maximum points. Note, maximum age to qualify the category is 45. So, older than 45 years can get minimum points, only.
  • For the education category, one must have equal educational qualification under the Canadian standards. 
  • Under work experience, one must have at one year of full-time working experience to get minimum points. If the experience is more than a year they can gain get maximum points benefit. Also, their occupation must be according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC); listed as skill type A or B.
  • Language ability consists 6 bands in IELTS test and one can be rewarded extra points for French language proficiency. As, English and French are official language of Canada.  
  • One can get 10 extra points for adaptability. If their spouse or common-law partner willing to migrate together with them. 
  • A valid employment or job offer can help the applicant to get a maximum 10 extra points for an arranged employment category.  

Canada PR process step-by-step

The Canadian immigration process is moreover an open, flexible and emigrant-friendly as compared to the other developed first-world countries. It provides robust healthcare assistance, world-class education, and a social welfare system which are one of the best in the world and at a very nominal cost. Here are some easy and necessary steps to follow while applying for a PR visa. 

  • Step 1: Educational credential assessment (ECA)—an applicant has to receive an ECA to prove that their educational qualification is equal on the scale of Canadian education level. 
  • Step 2: Language Proficiency Report— the applicant must submit their language proficiency report with the IELTS score. It will showcase that the applicant’s English proficiency is as per the Canadian Benchmark Level (CLB) 7 or not. 
  • Step 3: Express Entry Application— after completing the two steps, one can create their online profile in the express entry system. 
  • Step 4: CRS Score— later, the candidate will receive a score after completing the application form; it will work as a cut-off to assess applications. If one qualifies and gets the required CRS score, they will be eligible for the Canada PR visa.
  • Step 5: Express Entry Draw—now, the applicant must wait for the Express Entry Pool draw, held at regular intervals. Candidates above a specific ranking can receive an invitation for PR. 
  • Step 6: Invitation To Apply (ITA)— If  one receives a high rank, they will be receiving an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Within the period of receiving of 60 days one need to apply for PR.  
  • Step 7: Final PR application—one can submit the final PR application with the required documents. Once it will get reviewed by the authorities within six months of application, one will receive their PR authorization after getting approved.

What is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada PR?

A minimum IELTS score required to qualify for Canada PR visa is 6 band each through the Express Entry program. If an applicant has scored 6 per band in IELTS, they are eligible to submit their profile in the express pool and as well as for Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). However, Canada offers almost 80 different PNP and many of those have IELTS band requirement is less than 6. Hence, to qualify for PR with the IELTS score, one needs to secure more than 6 bands to increase the chances in total CRS score. 

Points required for Canada PR

One should note the following points concerning to the requires points for PR in Canada; 

  • One needs to score 67 points out of 100 points under Canada’s immigration point-based system.
  • They need to maintain funds in their account
  • For those who have scored less than 400 points, they can choose the pathway of PNP under the various programs. 
  • Based on necessary categories for the point system, one has to qualify with all maximum points for different criteria—age= 12 points, education= 25, work experience= 15, language skills= 28, adaptability= 10, and arranged employment= 10 points.

To become a permanent resident (PR) in Canada, an applicant has to check their eligibility on the Canadian immigration website and follow the necessary guidelines. There are no definitive timelines set by the government authority to get a PR visa, based on the earlier instructions. The selection and approval of any application will be depending on the CSR score and respective qualifications. Within four to six months of submitting the application, one may receive ITA by that duration. After getting a permanent residency status, one can live in Canada for several months. Meanwhile, living in Canada, one can attain a PR card to travel and gain all the other benefits like social insurance number or a health card. The PR cards are valid for 5 years and may be renewed afterwards. Therefore, one can choose among the popular immigration programs for PR visas to live a quality life with their family. Beyond Immigration provides excellent consultation and citizenship services for the PR and other visa categories with a team of expert consultation service.