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University of West London

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    University of West London

    Established in 1860 under the name Lady Byron School, the University of West London has evolved into a beacon of academic excellence and teaching quality in the United Kingdom. Boasting nine academic schools, the institution offers a diverse array of programs, including 100 undergraduate courses, 91 postgraduate courses, and 28 research courses. Currently, the university is home to a vibrant student body, with over 11,000 enrolled across its two campuses. Approximately 11% of this diverse community comprises international students, contributing to a rich and global learning environment.

    Admission to the University of West London is fiercely competitive, with an acceptance rate standing at an impressive 4%. Prospective students are required to demonstrate a minimum academic score of 55% for master’s applications and 82-83% for bachelor’s applications, reflecting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence.

    While the cost of attendance varies, ranging from 9,800 to 16,000 GBP (10.26 lakhs to 16.75 lakhs INR), the university offers a compelling return on investment. Graduates from the University of West London enjoy an average annual salary of around 71,000 GBP (74 lakhs INR), showcasing the institution’s commitment to shaping prosperous futures.


    Pound Sterling 1 million

    9240 Pound for single sharing (UG) and 10302 Pound for single sharing (PG)

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    University of West London

    The University of West London has its 2 campuses situated in Brentford and Ealing, both campuses are located in the heart of West London. If we talk about the proximity of both campuses, it’s only 1.5 miles away, and are connected with the help of complimentary bus services.

    What is the ranking of the University of West London?

    The University of West London is overall ranked by THE is #1001 out of 1600 all over the world, for 2024 it ranked #32 out of 75 in the UK, if we talk about the social studies steam, its global ranking is #601 out of 997, and for 2024 it ranked #25 out of 94 in the UK.

    However, the global ranking of the University of West London by The Guardian is #34 out of 200, for 2021 it ranked #31 out of 108 in the UK, and for the Business Steam, it globally ranked #17 out of 150, for 2021 it was on #17th position out of 109 

    Programs at the University of West London

    Here is the list of programs offered by the University of West London given below:

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    Tuition fees and scholarships

    Tuition Fees

    The cost of the tuition fees at the University of West London is almost around 13,700 GBP which is approximately around 14.30 lakhs INR


    The University of West London offers high-class academic excellence worldwide with exclusive financial support to International students who pursue their educational journey in the United Kingdom. The esteemed International Ambassador Scholarship is a golden opportunity for more than 100 remarkable undergraduate and postgraduate students

    This particular scholarship program extends a munificent contribution of up to 5,000 GBP which is equivalent to 5.22 Lakhs INR for the first-year Tuition Fees for the students. The University of West London is dedicated to empowering deserving students from all over the globe, ensuring that financial crises do not hinder the pursuit of career success.  

    Eligibility Requirements

    The students who want to study UEL courses must meet the eligibility requirements provided by the University of West London. However, the eligibility criteria vary as per the courses and level of programs. We have specified below the general requirements for Indian students who are seeking to get into the University of West London


    Course Level

    Admission Requirements

    Undergraduate requirement

    Indian HSC/12th Standard (minimum average of 55% depending on exam board)

    Postgraduate requirement

    Indian bachelor’s degree of 3 or 4 years with more than 55% from any recognized college or university

    Integrated Foundation requirement

    Indian HSC/12th Standard not less than 55%, depending on the exam board


    On-Campus Accommodation

    The University of West London provides accommodation options for all the students and helps them get comfortable living arrangements within its 7 residential flats and halls. These housings are fully furnished with storage, seating, beds, and all the essential amenities.

    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    Beyond Immigration is your key to hassle-free off-campus housing. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of students and ensures a seamless accommodation search process. By reaching out to us, you open the door to a plethora of housing options, ensuring you find a place that feels like home while being close to your campus.

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    The University of West London is popularly known for its inclusive and diverse community, welcoming international students from all over the world. For international students, the admission criteria may vary depending on the type of course and country. Generally, international students are required to meet the academic and English language proficiency requirements. If you feel any kind of difficulty while applying for admission kindly contact Beyond Immigration to get the most accurate and real-time information related to the admission requirements for International students.

    Every year, the University of West London welcomes more than 11,000 international students. This university has an acceptance rate of 4% and has a simple and straightforward admission process. The requirements for admission vary for each program, level of degree, and intake.

    The timeline for receiving a revert from the University of West London (UWL) to follow your application depends on various factors, including the type of program you have applied for, and the volume of the application. The University of West London is committed to processing the application as soon as possible and try to provide the initial responses within the tenure of 4 weeks of receiving them.

    It is advised to keep in mind that some specific programs might have designated application deadlines, and those applications submitted during these deadlines may experience delays in processing time. Moreover, some programs need to necessitate supplementary materials or they can also conduct interviews, contributing to variation throughout processing duration. 

    If you find yourself without a revert from the University of West London within the given time frame of 4- weeks, reach out to the admission team or contact your counselor to take the necessary course of action to know the current status of your application.