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Humber college

Humber college

Humber college
overall rating of 3.9 out of 5

With over 85000 current students on its campus and a staff of around 3400 people, Humber College is regarded as one of the most sought-after colleges in Ontario or Toronto, but the whole country of Canada. Humber College or more professionally called, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning was set up in 1967 and currently encompasses two main campuses. These campuses are the Humber North campus and the Lakeshore campus.

The college campus boasts beautiful modern architecture, lush gardens, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, which aligns well with what goes inside that campus study-wise.

The college is infamous for creating brilliant minds in the fields of business, engineering, information technology, and advanced learning. It sits comfortably 6th on the best research colleges in Canada list. 

The college has plenty of clubs and activity centres which make the environment incredibly student-friendly and in turn, makes the place friendly and competitive at the same time. Humber college also offers accommodation.

The best part about the college along with its plethora of sports and art opportunities is the study structure. Humber College does not believe in the traditional pen-paper approach. The college creates these brilliant minds by teaching them in a real-world environment through games and simulations. The students not only just study the theory and call it a day. They need to apply the theory on a practical application and provide weekly tests as supposed to the Indian monthly or semester exam system. This allows the students to stay focused on their learning patterns and gain more and more knowledge daily. The classrooms are more discussion based than textbook based and so are the student communities. There are leisure rooms, study rooms, activity centres, libraries, computer labs, etc. all around the campus which enables the student to study and learn on campus only. This makes the whole college environment a lot more professional and serious as you will regularly find people in these rooms doing group or individual studies. It also makes the learning experience a lot more enjoyable.

Courses And Programs Offered

Courses And Programs Offered at humber

Before we move further and discuss the type of courses Humber College provides, we must acknowledge that the college provides a Pathways option in most of its courses, hence it is a very famous college for immigrant students. About 79% of the programs give work placement opportunities to the students. The college offers various program choices like

  1. Honors degree
  2. Ontario Graduate Certificate
  3. Advanced Diploma
  4. Diploma
  5. Co-op
  6. Apprenticeship
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Ontario College certificate
  9. Certificate of Achievement
  10. Preparatory Semester

The most in-demand and famous courses in the college are as follows

Specializations AvailableTypes of Programs/
Duration/ Fee for
year 1
Global Business Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Planning, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology Solutions, Web Development, Marketing Management, Enterprise Software Development, Wireless TelecommunicationsPG Certificate
/1-2 yr/ 10.89-
Computer Programmer, Computer Engineering Technology(Advanced), Business Administration(Advanced), Business Administration-Accounting(Advanced), Mechanical Engineering Technician, Animation - 3D(Advanced), Civil Engineering Technology (Advanced), Architectural Technology(Advanced)UG Diploma/2-
3yr/ 10.13-
Hospitality and Tourism Management, Finance, Accounting, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Fashion Management, Human Resources Management, Digital Business Management, Management StudiesB.Com./4 yr/
Bachelor of NursingBSN/4 yr/
Marketing, Bachelor of Creative AdvertisingBBA/4 yr/ 12-
Bachelor of Industrial DesignB.E./B.Tech./
4 yr/ 12.71L
Bachelor of Film and Media Production, Bachelor of Digital Communications, Bachelor of Public Relations, Bachelor of JournalismB.J.M.C./4 yr/
Bachelor of Interior Design, Bachelor of International DevelopmentOther UGs/4 yr
/ 11.02-12.71L

Eligibility Requirements at Humber

Eligibility Requirements at Humber

For a Bachelors degree program

  1. One needs Secondary school transcripts with at least 70% in required program subjects
  2. Transcripts for any post-secondary programs or courses completed
  3. English Language Proficiency
    • IELTS: 6.5 bands with no bands less than 6.0
    • PTE: 58 – 60
    • 560 for paper-based test/ 84 (21L, 21W, 21S, 21R) for internet-based test

*English language proficiency for BSN is 7.0 bands with no less than 6.5 bands in any in IELTS; 600 for paper-based test OR 100 (Minimum band scores, 21L, 21W, 21S, 21R) for the internet-based test. 

For a post-secondary diploma

  1. Secondary School transcripts (including school profile) with a minimum grade of 60% in required program subjects
  2. English Language Proficiency
    • IELTS: 6.0 bands with no bands less than 5.5
    • PTE: 53-57
    • TOEFL Academic: 550 for paper-based test/ 550 for a paper-based test

For a Graduate Certificate Program

  • Degree or college diploma and transcripts (depending on the program of interest)
  • English Language Proficiency
    • IELTS: 6.5 bands with no bands less than 6.0
    • PTE: 61 – 64 
    • TOEFL: 580 for paper-based test/ 88 (22L, 22W, 22S, 22R) for the internet-based test 

Another important thing to note is that you might require a WES or ICAS evaluation o your credits to convert them into the Credit system of Canada. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid opportunities at Humber

Scholarships and Financial Aid opportunities at Humber

There are many scholarship opportunities when it comes to Humber College, Ontario. These scholarships are entrance-based, language proficiency-based, and academic-based. They are specifically designed for highly qualified international students. 

For over 6000 international students Humber caters every year, it provides scholarships like


  1. Humber College Scholarships for Degree Students

These scholarships are for students who are going to Humber college directly after high school. The scholarship amount is based on your aggregate scores in high school. 

Academic Average 

Degree Scholarship Benefits

95% and above

4000CAD renewable


3500CAD renewable


3000CAD renewable


2000CAD renewable


1500CAD renewable

*Renewablitiy depends upon the recipients’ academic performance of each year. 

2. Humber College Scholarships for Diploma and Certificate Students

It is for graduate certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma applicants. 2000CAD is annually awarded to 20 students through this program. The qualification for the same are

  • Minimum GPA of 75% and
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or above

It should be noted that the scholarship is based on a first come first serve basis. 

3. Humber College Scholarships for EAP Students

Those who do not qualify for the Humber college by not having the desired proficiency in English are enrolled into English for Academic Purposes programs first. They are not eligible for degree and diploma certificate scholarships. They have their own set of scholarships based on how they perform in the EAP programs.

  1. Academic Excellence Award in English for Academic Purposes: 250 CAD
  2. The English for Academic Purposes International Student Diploma Pathway Award: 500 CAD
  3. The English for Academic Purposes International Student Degree/Postgraduate Pathway Award: 500 CAD
  4. Academic Excellence Award in English Teaching as a Second Language: 500 CAD

4. External Scholarships at Humber College

These are the scholarships offered by external sources through which international students already studying and planning to study in Canada can apply. 




Export Development Canada Scholarship


Enrolled in a degree for finance, international business, or economics

3M National Student Fellowship


Leadership skills; completed 1 year of a full-time program

IODE Ontario Lucy Morrison Bursary


Financial Requirement

Go Transcript Academic Scholarship


Personal essay (500-1000 words)

Student Diversity

Student Diversity at Humber

tells a lot about a college. If the college has a preference or not or tells us about its biases if any. The higher the student diversity, the easier it becomes for an international student to settle in. It still depends on many different factors though. For example, if a student from Gujrat, India plans on moving to Humber college will either want many different ethnicities there so he feels included in all or would want a majority group of his ethnicity.

Humber, on a more realistic scale, is known for its high diversity. Students from all across the globe come and study on its campus. 

The students, faculty, and the college as a whole are very famous for their inclusiveness for all demographics be it religion, sex, color, etc. Every student, be they Canadian or an immigrant, is treated equally.

Based on the regional demographics, Humber college’s majority population comes from South, East, and South-East Asian nations like China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. Other famous groups who take the number spot are North Americans and Europeans. Humber also has a very high Carribean, African, and middle-east representation on its campus. It is estimated to have students from over 130 countries all around the globe. All and all, the college comprises various ethnic groups all across the globe working and studying together and following a common goal of development of one another. 

Preferred Profile

There is no such preferred profile, as stated above with the admission qualifications and the diversity, Humber puts your profile under consideration if you have the qualified grades. 

If we were to come up with a profile that would get admitted into a degree course at Humber very comfortably, then that profile or student would have

  • A 90% academic average in high school
  • A minimum of 7.5 bands (with no less than 7.0 in any) in IELTS or equivalent in TOEFL/PTE

Part-Time Work While Studying

One of the major perks of studying in Canada are the study permit rules. If you have a Canadian Study permit you are allowed to work and financially help yourself even while studying. Although, there are some regulations on how much can a student work. According to your study permit

  • You can only work for 20 hours a week on or off campus. You can have more than 1 job but the total number of hours will remain at 20 only.
  • You can only start working once your course starts and must stop working when it’s over. 
  • You can work full-time for unlimited hours during your scheduled breaks at the Designated Learning institution. These breaks are generally summer and winter breaks. 

Campuses and Accommodation

Campuses and Accommodation

As mentioned above, there are 2 main campuses in Humber College

  1. Humber North campus
  2. The Lakeshore Campus


On-campus Accommodation

Both of these campuses offer On-campus accommodations.

North Residence

It has two buildings and offers 2 different types of residential space. It provides traditional single-room or suite options to students looking for on-campus accommodation. The facilities include a library, media services, a bookstore, food, computer labs, etc. It is regarded as a safe option for students as there is 24/7 security and surveillance

Price: Traditional Single Rooms (North Campus Only) $7,396 & Meal Plan (Regular) $2350

Lakeshore Residence

It only has Suite style accommodation as supposed to the classic single rooms. It is close to downtown Toronto and is situated near a park and a lake. It provides similar facilities as the North Residence with similar rent rates. 

Off-Campus Accommodation

Majority of people coming to Humber college choose this option as the Off-campus accommodation provides more freedom opportunities to the students. It should be noted that it can be more expensive than the on-campus accommodation along with it being not as safe. These are more furnished apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, internet, laundry facilities, etc.

Price:  Shared Room: CAD1265/month, Private Room: CAD 1350/month, Entire place: CAD 3000/month

University Contact information

You can contact the university directly through their 24/7 telephone number 1.416.675.3111 or drop them a mail at enquiry@humber.ca. You can visit their website at Humber College.

You can also contact the university indirectly through our expert personnel. We, Beyond Immigration are direct partners with Humber college. Our professional consultants will make your application process smooth at a mere cost of nothing! Yes, our help with applications at Humber college is free of cost! We even file visa applications for our partnered students! To be a part of Beyond Family, contact us at b-imm.com.

Frequently Asked Question Humber College

Humber college is best known for its research and entrepreneurship-based programs. It is ranked amongst the top 50 education organisations in the Country and is arguably the biggest polytechnic in Canada. It is famous for its highly diverse student base and welcoming faculty. The campus and its location become an attraction on their own. It is also very famous for its degree courses in the fields of business, finance, IT, etc.

The competition to be in one of the most progressive institutes in the country will always be high. Securing a bare minimum is sometimes not enough. But if you compare it to the rates of universities, getting into Humber is significantly easier.

The Humber college visa success rate is 70%. Contact b-imm.com for further information on visas.

Humber College is located in an area where the job opportunities for international students are incredibly high as opposed to the location of Seneca College. Both colleges are considered on par with each other, and in the end, it all comes down to the type, of course, one wants to do. If you are confused about whether you should go for Seneca or Humber, contact Beyond Immigration, we will help you with free counseling and application to make your Canada dream successful. 

18% of the student base of Humber College is international students, which shows that the acceptance rate is quite high in the College. It is estimated to be 60-70% for international students.

Humber is a public college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and offers polytechnic education to its students in both distance learning and classroom learning formats.

Yes! Humber college is one of the best institutions to be if you are an international student. The fee rates are very much lower than the universities. The campus locations are located near the places where you can look for work. The college is best known for its welcoming nature and highly diverse student base.

Humber College is ranked amongst the top 50 education institutions in the whole of Canada. The college boasts an incredible infrastructure and expert professional faculty. The programs are research-oriented and when compared to different colleges and universities, are relatively cheap. The fee structure, when added with other living expenses, makes this college highly affordable and we haven’t even included the part-time work you will be doing there due to high work opportunities.

Just like every other international college of Canada, Humber college takes about 10-12 weeks to completely process an international student’s application.

The acceptance rate of Humber is 60-70%, so yes it does send rejections. Now that rejection can be based on multiple factors including english proficiency, academic background, etc. People who have the minimum qualification in the criteria are often sent rejections as well because not just having a minimum is important, Humber expects you to have an inch above the bare minimum or at least an average profile to have a high chance of getting in.