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Trinity Western University

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    TWU  means Trinity Western University, one of the leading credible liberal arts Universities in North America, designated by the Evangelical Free Churches of America and Canada. During the journey of Trinity Western University, you will experience a bundle of engaging and authentic community which helps to enrich your understanding of the competitive world. If we talk about the Educational Experience, TWU ranked repeatedly among the two universities in Canada as per the data given by the National Survey of Student Engagement.

    TWU makes you ready for a life of constant engagement in your profession as well as in your community. Also, this university provides 48 different degree courses and almost  19 graduate programs, over a variety of subjects. Some of the most popular courses at Trinity Western University are– Art, Science, Education, Political Studies, Media and Communication, Psychology, Business, Design, etc. TWU is strongly dedicated to providing a robust education, where you can develop your practical skills meanwhile exploring who you are, what you want to do, and what is the motive of your existence in the world.

    More than 8M CAD and a minimum of 5,600 CAD funds are available for the aspirants of Trinity Western University for financial help every year. Also, the candidates of the TWU got the chance to gain some credits while studying in Spain, East Africa, Ottawa, Italy, China, Hawaii, Vietnam, France, and others.

    Trinity Western University Entry Criteria: What are the things you need to know?

    To apply for admission, qualified individuals can start by submitting the required documents to the Graduate Studies Advisor.

    • Eligibility includes having completed a four-year undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the final two years.
    • Preferably, applicants should possess three to five years of work experience, including volunteering and coaching roles.
    • Proficiency in the English language at a graduate level of analysis and thinking is crucial for successful applicants.
    • International applicants can refer to the dedicated webpage for a list of recognized organizations for English language evaluation.
    • Non-native English speakers can gain direct program entry with an academic IELTS of 7.0, iBT TOEFL score of 100, or Duolingo score of 115.
    • Those falling below these language proficiency levels can consider the TLC Pre-Graduate Study Program (PGS) at Langley or Richmond campuses.
    • Successful completion of the PGS program demonstrates sufficient English language proficiency for program entry.
    • Diverse experiences and insights of applicants enrich the academic community, fostering a welcoming environment.

    is there any Application deadlines?

    Are there any Application deadlines?

    Applications are accepted for this program in three distinct intakes: September, January, and May. What sets the TWU process apart is the flexibility it offers through rolling application deadlines, available year-round. This means that regardless of when you’re ready to take the next step in your educational journey, there’s a window open for you to apply and seize the opportunity. Embracing this adaptable approach sets the tone for a personalised and accessible application experience that aligns with your timeline and aspirations.

    What are the Exceptional Admission Requirements?

    For those unable to meet the standard Application Requirements but seeking special admission consideration, TWU requests the following additional documents:=

    • Ten Written Statements on Leadership: Submit a 2000-2500 word essay to assess your writing ability at the master’s level and your grasp of leadership. Upon request, TWU will provide ten questions for guidance.
    • Prior Experience and Learning Assessment (PELA): Instructions for this assessment, evaluating your leadership competencies based on past experiences, will be shared upon request.

    Feel free to approach these requirements naturally, showcasing your unique qualities. Through these materials, they aim to understand your potential for both master’s level learning and leadership.

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    Trinity Western University Courses and Fees 2024

    Trinity Western University is all about nurturing holistic education. They believe in a well-rounded learning experience that values every aspect of a person. Their core curriculum covers essential areas like academic research, scientific exploration, effective writing, logical reasoning, and even delves into matters of spiritual contemplation. Beyond these foundational courses, students have the exciting opportunity to choose from a variety of subjects in the Ways of Knowing program. These categories help students explore profound inquiries that have fascinated humanity for ages. This solid foundation essentially serves as a scaffold, empowering students as they construct their specialized expertise in their chosen field of study. However, some popular programms are as follows:


    Exam Accepted 


    Tuition Fees




    18 Months

    14.8 L for 1 Year


    IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo

    48 Months 

    13.6 L for 1 Year



    24 Months

    6.5 for 1 Year



    48 Months

    16.4 L for 1 Year

    What is the process of applying for Trinity Western University Scholarships?

    Exploring Financial Support at Trinity Western University

    Navigating the financial aspect of selecting a university is a crucial step in your academic journey. Trinity Western University is dedicated to making this process easier for you through its comprehensive financial aid program, which includes both merit– and need-based assistance. What’s remarkable is that an impressive 97% of their student body receives some form of financial aid, demonstrating their commitment to supporting your education.

    Recognizing Scholarly Excellence – Unlocking Yearly Grants Ranging from $1,600 to $7,200

    Your academic scholarships are a testament to students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly prowess and actively enriched the Trinity Western community. These scholarships not only acknowledge your academic achievements but also celebrate the valuable contributions you bring to your vibrant university tapestry. Your journey with us holds the promise of both intellectual growth and meaningful engagement, and these scholarships reflect their commitment to fostering a transformative experience for you.



    Course Load

    100% Course Load


    Course Load

    President’s Scholarship




    Provost’s Scholarship




    Dean’s Scholarship





    Scholarship awards for academics are adjusted based on the number of credits you’re taking each semester, ensuring fairness and accuracy. Let’s break down the numbers:

    • 120% Course Load (Full Load): This means enrolling in 18 credits per semester, which is roughly equivalent to taking six courses. Over a year, this adds up to 36 semester hours (s.h.), or around 12 courses. It’s the heaviest academic load, reflecting a full commitment to your studies.
    • 100% Course Load (Standard Load): Opting for a 15-credit semester (approximately five courses) strikes a balance. Across the year, this amounts to 30 s.h. or about 10 courses. It’s a common choice for students aiming to excel academically while managing their workload effectively.
    • 80% Course Load (Reduced Load): Taking 12 credits per semester (around four courses) lightens the load. Over a year, this totals to 24 s.h. or approximately eight courses. This option can provide more time for other commitments and activities beyond coursework.

    It’s worth noting that varsity student-athletes often adopt an 80% course load over five years. This decision recognizes the additional demands of their athletic commitments while still allowing them to pursue their education effectively.


    New and transfer students looking to secure an academic scholarship will find their eligibility tied to the particular courses considered during the University admission process. The great news is that these students will receive notification of their scholarship status alongside their acceptance letter.

    For returning students, the pathway to qualifying for an academic scholarship takes into account their cumulative GPA, encompassing the credits they’ve earned at TWU throughout the academic year.

    We make the process of going to Australia hassle-free

    Steps to Trinity Western University Admission Process?

    Follow these steps to complete your application process easily:

    • Complete the Application: Start by filling out our free application form. This step is your first move toward joining Trinity Western University. 
    • High School Transcripts: While not mandatory if you’ve completed over 27 post-secondary credits from an accredited institution, we recommend submitting your final high school transcripts. These transcripts provide TWU with valuable insights into your academic journey.
    • Post-Secondary Transcripts: Submit transcripts from your post-secondary education. This helps TWU to understand your educational background and tailor the support to your needs.
    • Apply for TWU Financial Aid: Explore the financial aid options available at TWU and apply for assistance. We’re here to help make your education affordable.
    • Transfer Credit Evaluation: Anticipate an email from TWU regarding your transfer credit evaluation. There’s a possibility they might request additional information, such as syllabi, to ensure a smooth credit transfer process.

    By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to joining the vibrant academic environment at Trinity Western University.

    How to do part-time work while studying?

    Finding a job is hard if you are a student, but there is good news, Trinity Western University provides part-time job opportunities, It’s a temporary gig for the summer break or a more permanent role after graduation. TWU will provide the best for you if you are really interested in going forward. Every job provided by the TWU helps in modifying your future. Trinity Western University leveraging its personal connections, ever-expanding professional network, and wealth of strategic online resources, TWU unearths opportunities that propel them toward our aspirations.

    Now what is Career Connect Job Board?

    Career Connect is your Launchpad Beyond Graduation which prepares you to soar post-graduation with Career Connect. Tailored exclusively for TWU students, this dynamic platform bridges academia and career readiness seamlessly. Employers eagerly seek TWU talent, events beckon for engagement, and appointments with skilled career coaches await. Your co-curricular transcript flourishes as you chart a unique path, transforming aspirations into achievements. Step into the future with confidence, guided by Career Connect.

    Campus Jobs

    A variety of on-campus opportunities await students, each offering a distinct experience. From collaborating with faculty members and contributing to the Learning Commons to promoting wellness at the Wellness Centre, or engaging with books at the library and fitness at the gym – the options are diverse and promising.

    TWU expresses gratitude for the individual’s enthusiastic pursuit of their God-given calling within the institution. The university’s hiring procedure is a deliberate voyage aimed at comprehending the individual’s identity, convictions, and preparedness to become part of the evangelical Christian university community. This phase is deeply rooted in prayer, signifying the university’s intention to gauge the individual’s alignment with its set of values. Furnishing all the requested details will facilitate an evaluation of how the individual’s skills, background, and qualifications resonate with the university’s prerequisites for the designated position. The distinctiveness of the individual holds significant value, and the university is eagerly anticipating the exploration of the ways in which the individual can make a meaningful contribution to the community. 

    TWU expresses gratitude for the individual’s enthusiastic pursuits of their God-given calling within the institution. The university’s hiring process is a deliberate voyage aimed at comprehending the individual

    Campuses and Accommodation

    Immersing oneself in the vibrant tapestry of university life is best achieved through the dormitory experience. Picture a haven where daily necessities are met seamlessly, nestled within a secure, inviting, and cozy setting, mere steps away from the lecture halls.

    Within the confines of these dormitory walls, one’s closest companions are not just roommates, but lifelong friends. From collaborative study sessions that extend beyond the classroom to rallying together for spirited Spartans’ games post-dinner, every moment becomes a chapter in the story of shared memories. Convenience intertwines with community, offering a living arrangement that not only fulfills practical needs but also blossoms into a trove of unforgettable adventures.Indeed, the essence of university life is encapsulated within these walls, a realm where academic pursuits and social bonds converge harmoniously. However, Trinity Western University also updates about the dates and deadline, go and check to avoid last-minute

    Is it worth studying at TWU?

    Nestled among North America’s premier faith-based liberal arts universities, Trinity Western University is distinguished by its Evangelical Free Churches of Canada and America affiliation. Renowned for its top-tier education, it consistently ranks within Canada’s top two universities for Educational Experience. Offering 48 undergrad and 19 grad programs across disciplines like Media, Art, Psychology, Business, and more, TWU provides a dynamic learning journey.

    Situated in a prime city for international students, TWU holds affiliations with respected institutions including the Canadian Institute of Linguistics Catholic Pacific College. Financial aid is a priority, with over CAD 8M dedicated annually, granting an average of CAD 5,600 to each student. TWU’s global outlook shines through study opportunities in France, China, Hawaii, and beyond, enriching students’ experiences.

    In essence, Trinity Western University harmonizes academic excellence with faith-based values, offering diverse programs, robust support, and international perspectives for a well-rounded education.

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    Hey there! So, I just wanted to say that Mehak ma’am , my education counselor, was really awesome! She knew so much about different colleges and courses, and she made it super easy to talk to her. Whenever I had questions or doubts, she was always there to help and gave me great advice. With her support, I feel confident about my future plans. I'd totally recommend her to anyone who needs help with their education decisions. She's just the best! 🌟
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