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Why study in Canada

There is a distinct quality of human tendency, we are always seeking- Greener pastures, better opportunities, a healthy lifestyle, efficient social system, great value and education system and a not so expensive but quality healthcare. How about we take a look at Canada.

Canada has been rated Number one overall in the 2021 Best Countries Report, a ranking and analysis project by U.S. News & World Report and that consists all the benchmarks mentioned above.

Now, do you really think any other country has got anything better to offer? Think again.


So, when you think about enrolling in an educational program, you`re aiming higher for a better life and now you realize that Canada has the best of the world in it, your life is so much simple and all the research time is saved. The best part in addition to all of the above is top of the line and most transparent immigration policy and that makes everyone`s life so easy and planned. Canada is one of the only few first world countries which saw it`s Dollar value rising even in the crisis of Covid-19 and is catching up fast with the neighboring USA. Well if you`re assessing it to be the future United states, you may not be as wrong.

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Canada Study Visa and eligibility criteria:

Canada visa for Education is an essential document which is a make or break for many dreams in the eyes of thousands of migrating students. However, it is the crucial process of visa filing that needs a keen eye on detail and efficient processing speed for a quick acceptance is needed and guess what, Beyond Immigration sits on a pile of 100 % Visa successes till date and we know how to get it done. There are some inborn skills which are necessary to sustain and progress in Immigration industry and we have Visa filing as our forte which is constituted by a formidable team headed by Ms. Komal Sharma having an experience of over 7 years in Canada visa processing and immigration to Canada.

To be eligible for Canada college visa a student should essentially have a study gap of lesser than 6 years. For a university, you can go beyond and still be eligible for the course of your dreams but we do have our say in course selection as per your gap, backlogs, age, IELTS etc. specifically to make your Visa process be more to the point and essentially suitable for selection in the eyes of the visa officer.

As far as the scores are concerned, the IELTS of 6 not less than 6 bands are needed for a student direct stream visa and it is always appreciated if you have a minimum of 50% score in your bachelor`s or 12th to be a suitable candidate for education in Canada.

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Band Requirements for Canada Study Visa:

Canada has two VISA systems in place where one is Student direct stream (SDS) which runs on a mandatory requirement of IELTS 6 Overall and 6 in each band and another is a Non Student direct stream (Non SDS) and that doesn`t need to fulfil the mandatory IELTS requirement but has a lower success rate comparative to the SDS category.

Institutes List:
  • Harvar University, Cambridge
  • Columbi University, New York
  • University of Californi, Berkeley
  • University of Wshington, Seattle
  • Columbi University, New York

Processing time for Canada study visa:

There are two kinds of student visas issued by Canada namely- Student direct stream (SDS) which has a Visa process timeline of 45-60 days after filing and the Non Student direct stream (NON-SDS) which can take up to 60-90 days in the normal circumstances.

However they have varied in the Covid times and taking higher of what is expected and we always suggest our client`s to be patient and await the decision from the Canadian government.